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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Welcome to Kansas

After the cold wet Friday which we survived thanks to my little heater (never stepped outside once) we left Superior on a glorious clear day.  

Our first town to check out after crossing into Kansas was Mankato (pop. 836) which looked to be on life support.  Their city park supposedly had camping but I could not find it.  We continued on.
I don’t think we would have stayed anyway

Jewel, Kansas (pop. 370)

Jewel looked in much better shape than Mankato.  Their city park had showers.  I was looking forward to that.  I turned off Main Street and came upon a slew of cars parked everywhere possible.  As we neared the park, oh my goodness!!  It was packed with people milling about.  It must have been their Harvest Fair or something.  I swear, all three hundred and seventy Jewel residents were in attendance.   I could not even begin to access the camp spots which required you to park right on the street itself even if I remotely thought of staying here.  Just our luck.  Now what?

I looked up our next possible town.  Beloit.  Fifteen miles further.
Oh fifteen miles, we can do that huh Beans?
No comment.
First we needed to eat lunch.  Just before leaving town I spotted the Jewel City Cemetery.
That would do.

Pratt Kansas is south of here.  My grandmother was born and raised in Pratt.
On one trip when Sinbad was with me I tried the locate the McMichael home.
I couldn’t for sure.  It seemed the house was missing or they had changed the numbers,
but I was close; on the same street and block.

Beans loved roaming around the cemetery.

Beloit, Kansas (pop. 3404)

Their Chautauqua Park came through and provided us with a place to stay.

In fact we got the one solitary spot off by itself.  Imagine that.
Our luck had changed.

Just out from our door is the Solomon River.
Beans likes this place.
Ah...but there are no showers.

- comment replies -
Thank you Debby for the information about the Superior Auditorium.  That was wonderful to read.  For those of you who missed her comment, click HERE for the link to take you to the news article.
Ellen, I’m sure your old 60’s Schwinn is worth something to the right person.  Look it up online, see if some are on eBay or Craigslist to give you an idea of the market for it.   


Barbara R. said...

There's nothing like being in the mood for a shower, only to have a festival going on! I'm sure you'll find one soon.

Ellen D. said...

You are heading south quickly now, aren't you John? Glad you found a good campground and wishing you clear skies as you head south. Thanks for the suggestion about my bike!

Kathe said...

So you're a Midwestern Boy after all thanks to your grandmother. Where did her family immigrate from? Love of the open sky and open view. My husband, who was born and raised in Seattle, could not understand the power and pull of the land. One visit as we walked around the homestead outside of Butte he said, "I'm beginning to understand a little I think. It's like the land talks to you." Bingo!
I absolutely LOVE that Superior Auditorium! Art, Deco I believe. Such a gift to the community.
You better get moving! The snow is coming! Weather seemed to change in a day here. The Ber months are upon us.

Jeff said...

This is the influence this blog has….

Monday afternoon my wife and I went to Sam’s Club and for me it was only out of absolutely necessity. After an hour of shuffling with the masses we walked outside and for some reason I said, “I wonder what John and Beans are doing?” When questioned I said, "nothing…” and proceeded to load the car.

Debby said...

I really love to read about people who work together to save an old building.

You should have tried hiking your way through the crowd in your towel carrying your shower kit. If you had Beans perched on your head, and jibbered some nonsense, the whole thing might have cleared out the crowd considerably. You might have been able to camp there after all!

Debby said...

PS: Chautauqua park name surprised me. We have Chautauqua Lake here, which is a name taken from the long gone Erie Indians. I wonder how Chautauqua Park became so named in Ks?