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Saturday, November 5, 2022

A Day to Recuperate


Alamogordo, New Mexico

We spent the next day and second night in town, just to relax after the harrowing day’s drive before.

 I went into Walmart for a couple items, and look at this.
Pig heads.  That is a first for me to see in a Walmart.
So...what do you do with a pig’s head?

Alamogordo, had a bookstore. 
I picked up eight books and dropped off four already read books.

They were located inside a mall and had so many books that they lined the two walls outside the door.

On our way back we stopped at this park to hang out for the day.

Across the boulevard was a thrift store where I found another book.
I’ll be hitting bookstores all along our way to the desert,
stocking up for the winter.

Occasionally a train sped by for our enjoyment as there was no horn blowing.

We enjoyed doing nothing at this park.
In the late afternoon a crazy person showed up to yell at the bathrooms.
Time to go.

We returned to our site at Walmart.
See, sometimes a Walmart does provide a fine view.
The vista from our bedroom window.
That is the moon in the sky.

- comment reply -

“She held the faucet on for me while I showered.”  That was a test to see if anyone was paying attention. Seems only Debby was.  You passed the test Debby.  


Robin said...

I did catch the statement about Debby holding the faucet for you but thought you maybe showered in your bathing suit!
Pigs heads are used to make head cheese. I have an uncle who makes it every year.
Tell Beans I said Hi please!

Barbara R. said...

Good Sunday to you all. Enjoy your day, whether roaming the miles away, or reading in bed! Great photo out your Walmart parked window! Yes I read about her holwing the faucet for you, just didn't figure you were shy.

Kathe said...

Debby is the only one with enough nerve to comment. The older I get the more I DON'T want to know! Like what does one do with a pig head?
I remember going to Alamagordo when I first moved here and Deming. There was an interesting rock structure that looked like Hobbit homes. I was so scared of snakes then I was always looking at the ground. And I was struck at the abject poverty. Kept looking up at the sky. So beautiful!

Debby said...

Lol. Honestly, that one comment stopped me dead in my tracks while I tried to picture how such a thing could happen.

The Polish make head cheese. I imagine that that other cultures have their own delicacies.

John W. Wall said...

Some of us knew your sense of humor and just had a laugh without comment. :)

Ellen D. said...

Oh, we all noticed, John. I figured it is your own private business of what you might get up to on the road!?!
I could not even look at those pig heads, much less have to eat one. Ugh!

Debby said...

I had to wander off to see if the Mexican culture had recipes for pig's head. They do. Pozole. Tacos de Cabeza. I live in an area where many Polish emigrated at the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th. I knew they used them to make head cheese.