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Thursday, November 17, 2022

A Mine Shaft and a Surprise Find


Outside of Tucson, Arizona

A couple hundred yards from us is the remains of a rock quarry.
I went for a walk around the mountain.

Having made it all around, on my way back home I came upon a small fenced off area.
A mine shaft, fenced off so no one accidentally fell in.

I tossed a couple rocks in trying to determine how deep it went but the rocks kept hitting the sides. 
 The shaft might angle off.  It was too dark to tell.

This is an automobile.  
I thought maybe long ago the car was shoved into the hole in attempt to plug it up.
But what if someone had driven into the opening by accident?

I continued on my walk and spotted what looked like maybe a cave.
I walked up the slope.

Hmm...could be.

This is as far as it went in, maybe ten feet.

And then I spotted them right at my feet: two mortar holes.
Wow, hundreds of years ago Native American women sat here grinding seeds. 

The holes were eight or so inches deep.

Back then there must have been more water in the area.
I see no water courses of any kind anywhere now.

- comment reply -

“No place more beautiful than California.” 
 Meeting people living this lifestyle one of the first few questions are always “where are you from?”  Why they don’t look at the license plate as I do is beyond me.  Just the other day I was talking with Deb who is camped with her little trailer at the base of that abandoned rock quarry.  She asked where I was from.  “Over there” as I pointed off to the RV in the distance.  Yeah, I can be a smartass at times.  Then I gave her my usual reply: “Well, its kind of embarrassing to say...but I’ll probably not ever see you again so...California.”  They will usually say “oh” or “California is nice”.  I’ll come back with “The only thing California has going for it now is the weather and the scenery.”  Believe me when I say it was such a relief to be rid of those California license plates.  People look at you and treat you differently when they see ‘California’.  In fact, now I am one of them.  Uh-oh, California when I see one pull in.


Barbara R. said...

Interesting to think of the native women making their food in those very holes in the cave...many many times for the holes to be so deep!

Kathe said...

Now you are a big, solid South Dakotian! We used to hate seeing the California bunch come up to Washington and wreck the housing economy. Here in NM the Texans are frowned upon. "Too loud! Too rude!" Have you read much of Victor David Hanson's books? He is an historian and has a family farm in California. Very thoughtful and insightful man. I see California differently after seeing it through his eyes.
When we tried to stay in Tuscan the gem show was on. We got the last room in town. The desert is a rich and facinating place. It does know how to keep its secrets though. Be so careful walking around there. That crack is frightening!

Debby said...

That crack is very frightening, but I am going to guess since it is roped off, people are aware of that car. Wish I knew what the story was though. I am awfully curious though.

Upriverdavid said...

Maybe dudes were doing the grinding? Look-out for the P.C. police.

Hwy # 97, Blewitt Pass has plenty of mine shafts. One year a guy went missing, they found his car and later his body. He went down a shaft and ran out of rope. He was stuck and all alone, then dead. Should have had a buddy or at least told someone where he was headed.
No Lassie to go for help?