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Monday, November 14, 2022

Aliens vs Dinosaurs?

Dragoon, Arizona

In the morning before leaving I thought I should at least go inside.  Back in 2018 they were in the middle of a big remodeling project which included adding on a “museum”.  


Walking into the entryway were these two dioramas.

Looks interesting and well done.

Inside you are overwhelmed with all the junk hand-crafted mementos one could buy to remember their visit to The Thing? tourist center.

The only thing I may have remotely be interested in buying would be a t-shirt of which I don’t need.

The nice lady at the counter encouraged me to visit their newly finished museum.  “It is really nice” she said as she pointed off into the back corner of the shop.  I thought I might just do that.  But once back at the corner the loud dramatic music blasting from inside deterred my going in.  It would have loosened my fillings.  The $5 admission fee sealed the deal.  I walked on.  
Coming up another aisle this wide-screen TV was displaying flashing scenes of what was inside the “museum” encouraging you to investigate.  It had this Aliens vs Dinosaurs theme going on.  Okay, I could see it was pretty hokey looking.  I would have been upset with myself paying five dollars for that.

Back outside I climbed into our home asking Beans if she was ready to go.
No reply.


sparklingmerlot said...

Beans wanted to see The Thing. She was not happy with you.
Seriously, though, do they actually make money out of that shemozzle of a place?

Barbara R. said...

Ah, but if you'd had a 7 year old kid in tow, you would have gone in. I wonder if kids are free. Beans had the right idea, zzzzz.

Debby said...

Beans was probably sulking about missing the museum.

(All joking aside, why would anyone pay money for that...although my 11 year old grandson would have been beside himself with excitement to explore this place.)

Kathe said...

Beans knows that her human has a wonderful sense of adventure and has to SEE! And she knows that her human lets her ride on his lap. It's ALL worth it!

WhyWeRV said...

Who! What a cliff hanger! I don't think most of your commenters thought it through. I sure hope Beans was there and all right.