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Monday, November 21, 2022

Big Shopping Day


Outside of Tucson, Arizona

Monday we went into town to do a major resupply, an attempt to stock up on items we cannot get while over there near Quartzsite, AZ. for the winter.  I spent an hour and forty-five minutes in Walmart!  $145 for John food, $95 more for Beans food.

Afterwards just across the boulevard was a Tractor Supply where we could get propane.  The kid came out.  “This will be the first RV I do.  We just got the propane system installed.  Don’t know if the hose will reach.”  Its always something it seems.  This explains why I had to back in.  All other TS stores you pull straight into the yard.  Good thing I am a pro at backing our home into tight places.

The hose did just reach.

Nice kid.  His name was John.  That’s why.

Saw this set-up in my failed attempt to get my tea at a Safeway store.
The back wheel of the motorcycle rolls along on the highway.

When we returned our Canadian neighbor had taken over our site.
Those Canadians!
It’s okay.  We are leaving for good the next day.

We took the spot he was in.
Now, Beans could not see it from there but she still knew where her hunting ground was.
We had to go over to it.  I am standing in it for the photo, waiting, while she is stalking something.
The big fat rat most likely.  For those wondering, I think it was a Kangaroo rat.

When done she walked to the guy’s RV and just stood there staring at it.
I’m sure she knew it wasn’t her home.

Nevertheless, she climbed the steps investigating as to just what the sam-hill was going on here.


sparklingmerlot said...

Oh Beans, those humans do like to mess with your head. I am glad to see that weight by weight you get more expensive food than John. This is how it should be!

Barbara R. said...

Oh you're loaded down with goodies for months to come! Beans is so curious!

Kathe said...

Love the picture of you and Bean's home framed through the trees. Beans is gathering information for your next book.

Debby said...

I was trying to figure out where you'd store $145 worth of supplies. Then I remembered that I spent about $50 in groceries, and walked out with one bag.

Beans probably thought the neighbors were offering sanctuary to 'her' rat.