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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Bright Friday


Why, Arizona

I hadn’t realized that yesterday’s post was coming out on Thanksgiving Day.  It snuck up on me.  Oh, I knew the day was coming but as I don’t follow the news, watch TV or even listen to the radio, I pretty much don’t know what is going on.  It’s kind of nice too.

Beans caught herself her first lizard for Thanksgiving but ended up with only the tail.  She carried it halfway home then spit it out.  I picked it up to add to her collection.

We spent most of the day inside yesterday as the wind was blowing out of the north and was a bit chilly.
I don’t care for turkey so thanks for remembering that Dad.

- comment replies -

Billy asked how Why was named so.  
The two State Highways, 85 and 86, once intersected at a Y junction in town.  The town’s founders wanted to name the town “Y” but state law required a town’s name to have at least three letters.  So they went with “Why”.  Later the Arizona Dept. of Transportation eliminated the intersection to create a proper, less hazardous, intersection.
No I have not read any Tony Hillerman although I am familiar with his books.  “You are traveling through America, that is something to be thankful for.”  Yes, I am grateful to be able to do what we do and thankful to have this great country to do so in.

Ellen, you are too kind.  Thank you.


Kathe said...

As a kid I remember we all used to say Why not Minot? I thought that was so clever and I think the folks in Why are too.
I can see Beans up at night looking through her lizard tales and thinking, "Yes, I remember that sucker! Had to chase it for hours but I WON! Now this one here, Dad got more excited than I did. He is my best fan. Ah, so many lizard tales and so little time." (sigh)

Ellen D. said...

I like that dramatic silhouette of the cactus. Does the lizard grow a new tail?