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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Crazy Woman Camp - part one

 Why, Arizona

Riding the motorbike to do some exploring further away than I care to walk I came upon Crazy Woman Camp less than a mile west of where we are.

Someone put in a lot of effort laying in the stone.

There were a lot of things left about in the camp.

Artsy things that visitors had left behind.

The fireplace was impressive.
Just where she got these big stones from I don’t know for there are not many lying about this area.
They could be from the wash alongside the camp spot.
I haven’t explored it yet.

Most rock is small pieces like this.

But the white quartz, which is abundant in Quartzsite, 
I haven’t seen much of around here.

You have lots of spare time when in the desert; this is what you do.

The plastic container firmly wedged in the crotch of the tree
held two notepads and a couple of pens.

One pad had this written inside the cover flap.  I briefly read it, then took a photo.

Back home I read it more carefully.  
Okay, now I would have to go back.

Are we not all of varying degrees of crazy?

- comment reply -

Rattlesnakes.  Yes I have come across a few while hiking.  Maybe three or so over the years.  That’s just when hiking.  I think they are beautiful and fascinating animals.  The key is seeing them before they see you.  Then all is good and you can enjoy looking at them.  I’ve been threatened by dogs more than rattlesnakes while walking about.
Beans riding on the motorcycle.  Yes, we’ve tried that a few times.  She sat in my lap and we went a short distance around camp.  She wasn’t impressed.  I thought she may associate it with going places further but has no interest.  Had I had her when she was younger and we could work on it more she probably would be into it. Same with a backpack.  I tried the backpack idea with Sinbad, having him in front of me, but he just wanted out.  Guess you need to start them out as a kitten.
TWG!  I was just thinking about you a few days ago after looking up some of those old blogposts for photos.  So happy to hear from you.  Hope you are doing well.  Thank you.


Barbara R. said...

Great story on the paper in the jar. Love the decor that has been collected over time.

Ellen D. said...

Do you ever leave artsy stuff at a campsite, John?

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Not crazy just caring

Debby said...

Crazy woman was crazy about her son. I wonder how that story turned out in the long run. I hope his mother's love saved him.