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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Dragging to Dragoon


Lordsburg, New Mexico

We left on the third day as it was to be very windy the following day.  We didn’t want to be driving in that.
Beans wanted one last roll in the dirt for the road then sunbathe on the picnic table.
I stood by patently waiting.

Dragoon, Arizona (pop. 178)

Our goal was the Walmart Inn at Benson, Arizona.  Yep, we finally made it back to Arizona.  It was just over a hundred mile drive from Lordsburg, N.M.  For some reason my back was stoved up, so that was bothering me.  Also bothering me was the unknown conditions at the Walmart in Benson.  
Reviews were less than stellar.
Exit 322, the home of THE THING? was coming up. 

We have stayed there twice before.  I knew it would be quiet.  My back said pull off.  I did,
twenty-three miles shy of Benson.
This was a good decision.   
Those RV’s to the left are the workers in the tourist shop.

When building the fuel station for cars and trucks they didn’t bury the holding tanks.
Probably solid rock under the tourist center.

A couple ibuprofen later my back was okay.
I had forgotten about the nice view that Bowlins Trading Post had around back where we stayed.

- comment reply -

Here is an example of what Debby mentioned.

I cannot understand the attraction either.  I would be so unhappy living like this.


Debby said...

To be honest, living like that was really no different to me than living in town. But, as I said, they seemed perfectly happy there. They had a large outside pavilion, where people got together to play games and socialize. They had good friends among their neighbors. It just struck me as strange, but perhaps it is because I am not the most social person in the world.

I think Beans should put together a book called 'How to Properly Train Your Human'.

Ellen D. said...

Different strokes for different folks as they say. It is good that we are not all forced to live the same way. Aren't we lucky to be able to choose where and how we live? So many don't have that choice...
We might have snow tomorrow! Hope you are warm and cozy in Arizona!

Kathe said...

My in-laws had a lot in Yuma in a community with lots and walls around each. They spent their winters there. It was large enough for their rig and a patio, a little wash house with a toilet, shower and washing machine. They made lots of friends in the community and did a lot of stuff together like riding in the desert, barbacues etc. They would caravan to Quartside and have camp fires in the desert with singing etc. They took their rig along the coast in California, into Mexico. Liked traveling together with friends for protection and company. Later they bought a home in Yuma. My mom in law said she regreted giving up their little plot of land with walls around it. They had so much fun with little responsibility and made life long friends. They lived theie summers in their home on Whidbey Island. Best of both worlds for them. Different strokes...