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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

How to Select a Spot at Walmart


Hobbs, New Mexico (pop. 40,508)

Management always requests travelers to park along the perimeter as to not interfere with shoppers.  
Just common sense, though common sense these days is a rare quality among people.
We cruised around the side to check outback behind the store.  Usually that isn’t good for the delivery trucks come in and turn around back there, but that’s not always the case so its good to check.  
Coming back out I spied this slot by the storage containers.  This was ideal.
No one can park next to us because of the containers and the shopping cart corral.
Another good location is near the garden department where they have a long row of fertilizer and paving stones on pallets.  We are small.  We can slip right in whereas most RVs cannot. 

I always check down the line.  Big rig trucks will park there overnight, sometimes leaving their engines idling.  This was a good line for on down was another shopping cart corral.  No truck would be able to pull in there.  A big RV maybe but most often they would be out along the perimeter elsewhere.
Added plus for this site, trash can right there.

More containers were lined up back to the rear of the lot preventing big rig truck parking.
To the left is a single row of parking for employees.  A safe zone.

On this side of the store was the heating and cooling systems for the store.  In this case they provided a welcomed white noise effect that helped masked out the distant traffic noise of the boulevard.
So the stay at this Walmart ranked high with us, one of the best for a town of this size.

Now as for the store...I don’t know what those people who left the unflattering reviews for the Hobbs store were talking about.  It wasn’t nasty.  It was clean and well-stocked.  And disappointingly, I saw no sketchy looking people hanging out in or outside of the store.  Where these reported meth heads were, I certainly did not see them.  Overall, this was a nice relaxing stay.

- comment reply -

“If you have these well-written reviews, then why do you drive to those campgrounds?”  

I am curious about things (I must have been a cat in a previous life).  I just want to see for myself.  Plus, we need to stop every once in awhile for a walkabout or a bite to eat.  And too, I want to share them with my followers just to give some insight as to how this lifestyle is.  If I didn’t stop at these questionable camp locations, what would I have to blog about for the day’s drive?


sparklingmerlot said...

Will you give a positive review or keep this find to yourself? What would Beans do?

Barbara R. said...

Well I must say, practical as this place may be, it doesn't offer much of a view. No trees, gullies, vistas, mountains, even rocks with lizards! Enjoy your shopping!

Kathe said...

Welcome to New Mexico! Do you like green or red chili? Or like me, neither. Friend brought me a piece of apple pie with green chili in it. Unforgiveable!
I find I throw out the worst reviews. Those folks are just gripers, I think. A small form of POWER!
I'm wondering if the roads are cramed with big rigs from the oil fields down there? Maybe not with the current bunch shutting things down. My friends hated driving through there to get to Texas. I've never been. I can't imagine what you're going to see coming over the border as you head to Arizona. Stay safe!

Debby said...

No meth heads. John, I cannot possibly tell you how disappointed I am. I've never met a real live meth head before, and I was looking forward to your 'man on the street' interview.

People do like to complain though, and I think that it would be highly entertaining if Beans began to leave reviews on these campgrounds at the end of your own. "Beans gives this a four paws rating...delightfully severe rodent infestation!"