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Friday, November 11, 2022

Lordsburg VFW Park


Lordsburg, New Mexico (pop. 2,335)

We had stayed in their VFW Park in 2018.  So when Amanda and I were heading east in early 2021 after wintering in Arizona, I told her about this nice little free park in Lordsburg.  When we arrived we were dismayed to find it shut down, closed, no overnight camping.  This was in the midst of the COVID craze and the city I guess thought travelers might spread COVID cooties.

While at Waylon Jennings Park in Texas this year a woman told me her friend had just stayed overnight at the VFW Park in Lordsburg.  Well, this warranted checking out.  I was pleasantly surprised to find all the COVID closure warning signs removed.

Well one was left behind, maybe for historical purposes.

This is a nice park that just needs some TLC.

I walked back to view the sign out on the highway making sure I didn’t overlook something about not being here.  Cool, looks like there is some grant money to rehabilitate the travelers park.  When setting up this post I read the sign more carefully.  Oh, they are fixing the water system, not the park.


Barbara R. said...

Mmmm, that doesn't sound like it's going to change much while you're there. But having some money dedicated to at least the water is a start. Maybe on your return trip it will be better.

Kathe said...

Glad to see you staying in an inhabited place. I worried about you and Beans out on the Coyote Trails, and I don't mean the animal kind. We had a really good lunch driving through there a few years ago. Can't remember the restaurant but it wasn't a chain.