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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Lunch on the Runway


Hobbs, New Mexico

A few miles out from town was a New Mexico State Park.
We weren’t planning to stay, I just wanted to take a shower.

Darn, secret code required.
I eventually got it, 5-8-0-0, from some workers nearby.

Looks good.

Darn, the faucet is broke.  Spins around doing nothing.
I walked out, disappointed.  A woman worker pulled up.
I shared my disappointment with her.  We went back inside.
She figured it out for me.  Said she’ll report it to her boss.
She held the faucet on while I took my shower.
Thank you, Rosa.

Leaving the park I saw this across the road.
Hmm...I have to see this.

We parked on the runway.
Wow, how cool is that?

This all that remains of buildings and...

...I guessed these to be latrines for they had drains.  
I figured there were maybe tents in between, temporary quarters for trainee pilots and crew?

The runway was 1.438 miles long.

It sure would be a thrill to watch those B-17 bombers take off and land.
With the war over, in August of 1946 sixteen hundred planes were flown to the airfield for storage.
That would be an even more thrilling sight to behold.

- comment replies -

“Will you give this a positive review or keep this find to yourself?”  I used to leave reviews long ago when I stayed in RV parks traveling with Sinbad.  I don’t bother much anymore with not staying at RV parks, and places like Walmarts is pointless.  People will find out for themselves as what one person is happy with, the next will find fault with.

“...it doesn’t offer much of a view.  No trees, vistas, mountains...”  Walmarts are generally in urban areas so you get what comes with the territory although we have stayed in some that did indeed lie in a nice setting.  Mainly a Walmart stay provides entertainment if you enjoy people watching.

“Do you like green or red chili?”  I’ll go with either has long as it is mild.  I don’t have an asbestos lined mouth or gut.  “Were the roads crammed with big rig oilfield traffic?”  Not really, mostly smaller trucks were seen.  This is why we are taking this route heading west.  I wanted to avoid Pecos, Texas (horrible town with oilfield traffic, worst ever) and El Paso, a mess you just cannot get through soon enough.

I’ll try to get more input from Beans on places we stay at.


Barbara R. said...

So where are all the planes now? I know someplace or another is a graveyard of all sorts of planes. Yes, Beans input would be most welcome!!

Kathe said...

Think of the young folks in those planes. So many did not return to remember. Now we vote on Tuesday. For the sake of our children. Thank you for helping us get out of our own little world.
Snowed up here in Albuquerque today. So pretty.

Debby said...

"She held the faucet on for me while I showered."

This is Debby, not asking any questions.

Ghost towns, ghost airbases... you're visiting all the lonely places this time through.

Vicki said...

Like Debby, I'm not asking any questions either, but I sure had a few going around in my head.