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Saturday, November 26, 2022

My Dilemma

 Why, Arizona

On the previous post I wrote “I am seriously considering staying here for the entire winter.”

That brought on the comment: “What about all those characters at Quartzsite that will miss you.  
And we will miss hearing about.”

Yes, I thought of that.

Okay, no one will miss me.  I’ll settle that right now.
But, that was my first consideration; by staying here without wackos and misfits about 
I will have nothing to blog about. 

Staying here wouldn’t affect the eBook that will develop from 2023 any.  
The eBooks are about the journey.  The blog though is day to day events.  
“If you stay in one area, does it become harder to post daily?”
Yes, that would suffer.  So really, we need to move on eventually.

If I were to be honest with myself, I doubt I would last the entire winter here.
Zugunruhe will set in with me and I’ll be wanting to be on the move again.
Probably before the year’s end.

“Maybe you could go back and forth.”
It is 186 miles to Quartzsite from Why.  
Also, Why is way south from what my route would be starting on next year’s journey 
so coming back here isn’t all that feasible.

In the end, we’ll probably continue on to Quartzsite.
I’ll just have to try harder to find a peaceful and quiet place 
as we have now, here at Gunsight Wash, outside of Why.

- comment reply -

“I am one of those bloggers who like to read other blogger’s postings.”  

Yes, I was very active in following other bloggers before I went on the road full time.  I even took part in some weekly themed photography postings from which most all the followers I have came from.  Then I found while traveling sometimes daily I just didn’t have the time to continue following blogs plus much of the time my wifi access was limited or nonexistent.  The end result was I lost a lot of those who followed my blog daily.  


sparklingmerlot said...

Perhaps Beans could take over the blog while you stay in the peace and quiet. I am sure she would have a lot to tell us about lizards.

Barbara R. said...

I'll be reading your blog, even if it is only talking about the different kinds of cactus you see...since I don't know most of their names. Beans is always welcome as a guest blogger too!

RedPat said...

I read your adventures every day but rarely comment so know that there are more of us out there following you.

Debby said...

If you stopped, right where you are now, would you be saving money for next year's travels? You could hop on your little motorcycle and ride to a internet connection (a library?) The rest of the day could be devoted to exploring and noticing and tending the cat.

If you're happy where you're at right now, you could stay there right now. If you're unhappy tomorrow, well, that's the beauty of yuor little home on the highway.

Why looks like it has a lot to explore. Why not?

Debby said...

PS: That sky is the perfect shade of blue. Seems like our skies have been gray for just the longest time.

Damselfly said...

I'm a blog reader who reads daily and rarely comments.
I came across your blog in early 2022 and have been reading your early posts as well as the current daily posts and am entranced.
Thanks ever so much for sharing your thoughts, observations, and travels with Beans.
Stay safe & well.

Kathe said...

I agree with Debby. You do what's best for you and Beans. I like Ellen's idea too. I'm sure with your fertile imagination you can find something to blog about, or just tell us stories. As you can tell, we're all just a bunch of kids out here that love to hear stories. I'm still thinking about Debby and her tailess gerbil and her cannibal fish!

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog years ago when Sinbad was your companion. I check your blog every morning when I have my coffee and have done so for years however I have never commented until now. I just wanted you to know, John, that there are a lot of shy lurkers like me that enjoy your blog and faithfully check in to read about your adventures and observations. Thank you for your posts. I value them so much.
Karla in TN (was in CA)

Upriverdavid said...

A few weeks back,I think it was one of the deserted military bases, I spent hours following a link to your older posts.
I then read the commentators and checked and their blogs were no longer alive.
I too wondered what happened to them when they just stopped.
Hope everyone is swell!