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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

No Thanks Seminole


Brownfield, Texas

The next morning Gene showed up...

...and parked right next to us.
Think he wanted the shade.  That’s fine, I’d rather have him there instead of a big RV.
Just as along he doesn’t play Roy Orbison’s Only the Lonely over and over and over.

It appears that Gene has given up on painting his whitewalls.

Geez Gene, that’s looking bad.  
But it does look like he had his home polished.
It was looking good.

We left before everyone else of an overcast dreary morning.
About eight miles north of the town of Seminole, Texas was the Gaines County Park.

Despite what the sign stated, there was no water, simple restrooms and the electricity all for fifteen dollars and no information as to how to pay and no deposit box.  Now there was water at the dump station site but I NEVER get water from a source anywhere near where people dump their sewage.
I have seen things.  We had only been on the road for not even thirty miles so we had no intention of staying here anyway.  Beans took a walk and then we continued on into town.

Seminole, Texas (pop. 6988 -its increasing?!!)
The only thing noteworthy about Seminole was a large group of German “Russian” speaking Mennonites moved to the area in 1977 - 1980.  Why on earth they chose to come here it didn’t say.
I can think of a lot much nicer places to call home.

Seminole’s City Park had free (?) camping on the end.  Reviews from those who had stayed here ran pretty much the same.

First off, you had to call the cops to come and unlock the electrical box you wanted to use.  Really?  
I’m sure they have better things to do.

Next point was don’t expect to get any peace and quiet until after 11 p.m.

It seems the parking area was the meeting place each night for the local youth with their loud farting exhaust pipe-equipped cars playing obnoxious noise (they call it “music’) with boom-boom sound systems thumping while melting tire rubber around and around the park.  “Be aware of broken glass all about” read one review.  Yep, there it was along with hundreds of beer bottle caps imbedded into the asphalt.
We stayed long enough to eat lunch then moved on to check out their Walmart.

I pasted in a couple amusing reviews at the bottom for your reading pleasure.

Now I knew beforehand that we could not stay at their Walmart for it was stated “the parking lot was too small.”  They weren’t just a woofin! 

It was packed with cars.  We barely were able to make a loop.
How on earth delivery trucks were able to negotiate through this and around the construction going on was beyond me.  One review stated “They are renovating and do not have the room”  
That was dated Feb. 2015.  2015?!!

Someone wrote the store and parking lot was the size of a Walgreens drug store.
He got that right.

We decided we would continue on and sleep with the meth heads in Hobbs, New Mexico.

We had read the reviews about kids revving their vehicles, and could see the park is near the football field. But we decided to take a chance on a weeknight. There used to be hookups, but everything was locked and dry camping was fine for our needs. Lots of birds in the park and some small kids playing. Around 7p a car pulled up right beside our camper blasting 90s boy band ballads (several songs), followed by a parade of dumbshyte kids driving trucks/cars with loud exhaust circling the park. Not just one or two, but a dozen! It was comical at first, like we were in some weird 1950s movie scene. How do the kids afford gas?! After several hours it got old. No idea why residents who live around the park tolerate this. Sheriff drove by twice and third time we saw flashing lights. That along with a thunderstorm quieted things down around 10.30 (posted sign says park quiet hours 11p).

Prior reviewer was spot on: this is the only place for teens in Seminole to hang out on a Friday/Saturday night. Expect a loud, subwoofer banging, "my parent's bought me a new F250 I chopped the muffler off lets go burn the tires off" party spot until after 11pm.

My tip: arrive on a school night

Park is right in the center of the town, with 3-4 functional full hookups with sewer and dump. Some of the hookup stations have been hit my trucks, so they are off their concrete pad (pipes misaligned.)

Lots of Glass, Cigs, and garbage from the partying. In a pinch, I'd stay here again but then again, Waldocking vs this...its a toss up.

- comment reply -

Ellen, you have the right approach to the decorations which I do follow myself.  Living on the road, I’m not exposed to it much at all.  Still, when I do see it so early on in retail stores I cannot help but to just shake my head and walk on by.  


Barbara R. said...

So the Mennonites moved into the town with the kids who party in the empty parking lot? If the Mennonites have been there since the 80s, I wonder if their kids sneak out and join the crowd. Probably not. Wish you could have found a Mennonite parking lot, and pulled in next to a horse and buggy.

Ellen D. said...

If you have these well-written reviews, then why do you drive to those campgrounds? Wouldn't it be better to keep on going to a campground with a better review? I would think you would want to get farther towards your destination but maybe it is the exploring that makes you wander through!

Debby said...

Mennonites drive cars, actually, and they are always black, at least in our area. It is the Amish who drive buggies. But I'm going to say that Mennonites have the same problems with their children as anyone else. A few years back, we had a drug bust within the Amish community. A group of their kids were selling.

Barbara makes a very sound point though. The Mennonite kids are probably just as involved in the shenanigans as any of the other kids.