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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Now For the Bad Part


Gage, New Mexico - Victorio Mine

I wasn’t going to show this or write about it since it just made me ill to see.  On the second day there I decided to go out, take a few photos and make a post anyway.

To start with, last year in April and this year in March the rock quarry nearby was not in operation.  Peace and quiet ensued.  Now they have brought in all kinds of equipment and got the place up and running.
That I can live with for it is so far away that it is just a subtle  din.   

This I cannot.  
One area of the small pristine dry lakebed is littered with hundreds of spent shotgun shells.

Nearby broken glass is scattered all around.

Killed beer bottles.
None of this was here before.

The remains of fireworks foolishness lies about also.

This too is new.

A car was parked here when we arrived.  You can see his tire tracks.  The guy was taking down his tent.  He spent that last night in his car and then left the next morning. 

Lastly the road in has deteriorated.  There are some small washouts and one section has soft sand.  It wasn’t that way before.  The county doesn’t maintain the road.  It will only get worse. 
 Not something I want to deal with in the future.
I doubt we will ever return to Victorio Mines.

Mankind will ruin and destroy all it can but the beauty of Nature will win out in the end.

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Church key is what I was looking for.  Everyone knew.  You all win a cookie.
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Debby said...

*Looks around, discovers I am alone, grabs cookie and runs*

Barbara R. said...

I called a friend a cookie yesterday. Not sure which kind she was...peanutbutter, chocolate chip, oatmeal... Later I realized if I were a cookie, I'd be ginger snap. How about you?

lainey said...

Thank you for posting this. It is painful to see, but it is important for you to document these changes and for us to know them. Indeed, I know that the earth we love will prevail.

Lini said...

That is just so sad the utter lack of concern for the natural beauty of the area. I know it's like that all over but still very gut wrenching. Drunken eejits abound. Just too sad.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

I hope Mother Nature can win out in the end. Homo sapiens is such a distructive species.