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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Sexy Red Used Books


Deming, New Mexico (pop. 14,758)

I had discovered that Deming had a used bookstore, amazing in that Las Cruces which was nearly ten times larger had none.  We would visit the bookstore before going out into the desert to a place we have stayed at before, twenty miles further down the highway.

The store sat at the furthest reaches north of town.  It was an outbuilding of the owner’s home.

Oh my goodness!  I never expected this.

The place was a museum of collectables.

I would have loved to browse around and look at everything but it was freezing cold inside.
  He could hang a side of beef in there without a worry.
I withstood the cold long enough to select two books and visit with the owner a bit.

He said he and his wife traveled around like we do but they never venture further away than a few nearby states based on those he listed.  I asked if most of all he had here came from their travels.  Surprisingly no.   He said nearly everything he acquired right here in Luna County, New Mexico.

I had to get out and back into the sun to warm up.  His wife just returned from checking out a set of encyclopedias and medical books someone had for sale from an estate.  I would not think a set of encyclopedias would have any value these days.  That is him in the red shirt; a tall gangly fellow with a long stringy salt and pepper beard and hair to match.

Beans was amped up when I got back.  She wanted out to explore.  Notice the dark patches around this van and porch structure.  Stickers!  The place was loaded with stickers all around.

I had already pulled one out from her paw here.  She was not deterred.  She wanted to explore.  The bottom of my shoes were covered thick with stickers.  That was enough.  I picked her up and we went back home.  Boy, was she ever mad at me.

Just so you wouldn’t think I was making up the name of his bookstore.  
As for the story behind it, I didn’t ask.  Like Rosa holding the faucet on for me when I showered, some
things you just let go without inquiring.

- comment reply -

“Since you have been permanently on the road is there any one place you consider home?”

Each year when we returned to Quartzsite, Arizona for the winter I would say to Beans and myself “Well, we are home.”  I think only because we spent the most time there.  I don’t look upon Quartzsite as “home”  anymore.  There is a saying “Home is where you park it.”  Not for us. 
 Home is what I park, wherever that may be. 


Barbara R. said...

What a pretty neat collection of everything imaginable. Maybe they should bottle the cold air and sell it in August! Great name too! I wonder what would be inside a cover of a book that was Sexy Red... So sorry that you've come into sand spur country (what we call them in FL). I remember living in St. Augustine Beach with a backyard full of tall grass. I walked around in it just once...totally sand spurs. And my feral cat which gave birth on my porch...I do wonder how she had managed with so many sand spurs in the few wild places there.

Debby said...

"Home is what I park". That's a nice thought, but I'd carry it one step further. 'Home is where your cat is.'

Sexy Red Bookstore. It reminds me of those seedy adult bookstores. Perhaps there was a room in the back you overlooked.

Ellen D. said...

That looks like a fun store to explore. Is all the stuff for sale or just the books?

Kathe said...

If the stickers are Goat's Head you have some nasty stuff there. My grandson had to have one surgecally removed. The furosity of the desert never fails to amaze me. I often think of the ancients that lived here and raised children. There is not so much as a puddle around here. The cliff dwellings are magnificent. Have you read any books on how they stored their food and water, the structure of the clans? Facinating!
What a great hobby for those folks and maybe even supplements their income. If they do it online also.

Vicki said...

I think that store is amazing. I could spend a lot of time checking everything out.