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Saturday, November 12, 2022

What We Do When Doing Nothing


Lordsburg, New Mexico

VFW Park

In the next lane over a woman with her dog from Iowa arrived.  
She is living in her van.  I bet it is very cold in Iowa now.

I noticed on the camping apps I use, the VFW Park in Lordsburg no longer is listed.  So anyone coming here has to have known about it before they shut it down due to COVID back in 2020/2021.

Over another lane are several of these camps scattered about.  
All are in need of some care but still usable.
Hopefully the town will keep it open and maybe do a little upkeep, but that may result in adding a fee for staying here.  It has always been free.  At any rate, it is a good place to come to as there isn’t much to choose from for a hundred miles either direction unless you want a to stay in a costly private RV Park.

Beans and I held a conference.  We decided to stay a second day.
Around midday the second day these folks arrived with their fifth-wheel trailer.  I could see them setting up out through the front windshield.  I’ve watched fifth-wheel people set up many many times.  Same for large travel trailers.  From the moment they select a site and begin backing in until they finish fooling around setting up, anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes has expired.  Just too much bother for me.  We pull in, turn off the motor, pop out the slide three or four inches, maybe put up a sunshade and call it done, all in two or three minutes. 

What to do on the second day?
Lordsburg has a small grocery store and two dollar stores.  I needed some milk.  I thought about seeing if I could get a couple S.O.S. pads to clean my tea kettle up.  At Family Dollar I got the milk, but there were no S.O.S. pads.  We went up to Dollar General.  They had two brands of steel wool soap pads, neither S.O.S.  I selected this one.  Price?  Are you ready?  One dollar.  Ten pads.  

Being I had a water faucet nearby and a table is what prompted me to take on this task.

I really expected those pads to be one of the you get what you pay for purchases.  I was wrong.  One pad held up so well and the soap never ran out that I scrubbed and clean two pots, the microwave turn table, a stainless steel spatula and could still do more if I had more to do.  Every bit as good if not better than high-priced S.O.S. scrubbing pads.

I was so pleased with the results I made a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.
After that I went outside to clean windows.

Beans here.  This what I do.  I eat, sleep and every once in awhile ask Dad to let me out for a roll in the dirt.  One morning he took the cover off the propane heater since it was real cold that morning.
I made sure the cover didn’t get away.

How on earth could he manage without my help I’ll never know.

- comment reply -

Kathe, does Kranberry’s sound like the place you had lunch? Looks like the most popular (and respectful) place in town


Barbara R. said...

Good one Beans. I just ran out of SOS pads, will go to Dollar Store before looking at the grocery! Those pots look much better.

Kathe said...

That's it! Went online and looked at pictures. Places are dependent on the cook so who knows now. That was February, 2019 when we went through back from Washington State.
Beans is so adorable!

Debby said...

I never buy the brand name steel wool (Brillo or SOS). They are only used once and tossed, so I don't need them to last forever (although a thrifty tip once recommended putting them in a plastic container and tossing them in a freezer to prevent them from rusting away).

I always got a kick out of visiting my aunt and uncle. They came up from Florida every year and spent the summer here. They stayed in a park full of other fifth wheelers, and they all had carpeted outside deck areas, with lights and lawn furniture and grills. They were all packed in, one right next to another. I never understood the attraction. It was like a little city. But I will say they all seemed very happy.

sparklingmerlot said...

Thank you, Beans for your report. I look forward to more when you are in the mood. I fully understand that cats, especially torties, have infinite wisdom to share with us mere mortals but only when the mood strikes.

I have never understood the desire to camp closer to strangers than you would live with friends and relatives. I guess if you have a horde to transport a 5th wheeler would make sense but for a humble man and queen Beans your van sounds perfect.