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Friday, November 25, 2022

Wrascally Wrat!


Why, Arizona

I went for a short walk back out to the entrance to get a photo of this sign.  As you can see it is in bad shape, totally bleached out by the sun.  I knew I had a photo of it from four or five years ago when here last.  I looked back on the blog to find that photo.

Well the photo I found was from Darby Wells, ten miles up the road from here towards Ajo, taken four years ago.  I was kind of disappointed as I wanted to see if the sign above at Gunsight Wash, where we are outside of Why,  was this nice back in 2018 or 2017, the first time we were here.

Interesting side bit was in looking at those posts way back then, they had three times as many views as the posts in present day get.  Where did all those people go?  Guess people lost interest.

At the opposite end of this BLM Camp area I came upon this sign.  These signs are not unusual.  What is unusual that it dawned on me standing there looking at this sign is that I have not heard or seen a single ATV (annoying terrestrial vehicle) since we have been here.  I haven’t heard a single generator either.  Both of those would be a constant annoyance in Quartzsite.
I am seriously considering staying here for the entire winter.  
We don’t need all the hub-bub of Quartzsite.
More on those thoughts later.

I dug out Beans’ long lead attached to a five-pound weight so she can wander around farther.
The first night some local resident chewed the cord in two!
This has happened before.  What is the attraction?   Pure mischief. 
I’ll have to put it up on the table each night I guess.

I think the culprit lives under this bush.  There is a hole there.
It keeps Beans entertained.

- comment reply -

“Does the lizard grow a new tail?”

Lizards the size Beans catches can grow their tails back in around 90 days although they will be a bit shorter and not as pretty as the original.  What I didn’t know until looking this up is they can only do this about three times.  Any loss after they they remain tail-less.  In that case they lose their attraction to a potential mate.  Well that’s a bummer.  What I always wondered if losing a tail was painful.  
I read that it is a subtle pain, whatever that may be.  
Made me think of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie...ah, its just a flesh wound.


Barbara R. said...

I am one of the bloggers who like to read other blogger's postings. Why on earth would one put up a blog and never read anyone elses? I like using mine as a photo album. But then I got the environmental bug, so I have switched one blog to my interests in that area (and perhaps some politics also) I do hope you continue posting. If you stay in one area, does it become harder to post daily?

Debby said...

Now you've got me wondering...how do they know it was a subtle pain? Maybe a lizard told them.

My son once earned enough to buy himself a little 10 gallon fish tank for his bedroom. He was showing his gerbil the fish, and his tail fell off. The gerbil fell in the fish tank and the screaming just about gave me a heart attack.

Kathe said...

Okay, Debby, was it the gerbil or the fish who lost their tail? And...was the gerbil able to swim? Talk about a traumatic moment!
But, John! What about all those characters at Quartsite that will miss you? And we will miss hearing about? Maybe you could go back and forth? After Beans catches the scoundrel who is obviously asking for it!
I find I don't listen or read about the thousands and thousands flowing over the border because it distresses me so much. Our streets are filled with the young men who are the majority of those who come, who are actively involved in terrible things. I doubt most of the nation is even aware of the true nature of the situation.

Vicki said...

I don't think it was necessarily that people lost interest in your blog, but over the years I know that many of the bloggers I know just stopped blogging, especially since the end of '19 when Covid hit.

Debby said...

Kathe, the gerbil lost his tail, and yes he could swim, and hella yes, there was one 8 year old boy quite beside himself.

Nearly as beside himself as he was when he got a new fish...and it ate everything else in the tank.

Karen said...

I've noticed readership well down on my blog too.