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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Moldy Hat and Soup


Why, Arizona

When I unloaded the Trail 90 I discovered the ball cap I keep in the side pouch got mold over the year.  Some days these past eight months were rainy and damp and I guess it got in the pouch.  
I keep this cap in there for sometimes if I wear my helmet, 
I have something the wear when I go into a store.

That’s pretty bad.  I thought the cap was done for.  
I decided I’d try to clean it for after all, what else do I have to do.

In the end it cleaned up pretty well.  I can live with that.
The hat is falling apart.  That is glue you see.
Adds character.

While the hat was soaking I thought I would burn some trash.  
I cleaned the twigs out a previous camper had left in there.
I guess what I find.

That cursed rat that chewed on Beans cord had chewed out two nearly identical pieces and placed them in the fire pit!  What on earth for?  I thought he had simply chewed the cord in two.  If he chewed away two parts you’d think he’d take them down into his burrow.

It is an overcast, sometimes rainy day as I prepare this post.
We are stuck inside.  Its a soup day.
Beans gets no sunbath today.


sparklingmerlot said...

Beans has the sweetest little face. Soup makes rainy days better.

Barbara R. said...

Good work on the cap! It may need replacing in the near future however! Keep your eyes out in thrift stores! What a strange rat that was. Love Beans taking a nap, as always, the most logical thing for a cat to do.

Shammickite said...

Hmmmm I think you need a new hat.

Kathe said...

Do you make homemade soup? One of my best childhood memories was watching my mom make her version of borsht. We lived in a Ukrainian community but she was German. No beets for her! Homemade soup and homemade bread. It just does not get any better!
Got a half inch of rain here last night. So needed appreciated.

Debby said...

OOOOoooh. We're having soup too. Home made potato/ham soup. What's in your pot?

That rat was very neat, as far as rats go. Further reading indicates that kangaroo rats make caches, and that they remember where they are. They are even known to relocate their caches. It may have saw the cord as food, or perhaps as something useful to take to the nest.

Ellen D. said...

I am making soup today too.
Find a new hat at the thrift store and leave that hat for the rat.

Jackie M said...

The patch on that hat is the only thing worth saving. Living in a small space with any known mold is not good for you. Yeah the patch is cool though.