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Monday, December 5, 2022

On Being Stupid


Gunsight Wash, Why, Arizona

Last Saturday was all day possible off and on rain showers.  
This nonsense continued on through the night.
Eighteen hours later it was over and done with.
Sunday morning I was surprised to see there had been enough water flowing in our little wash next to camp that you can see the grasses bent over nearly a a foot high.

I walked over to Gunsight Wash to see what occurred there.
It looked like just a narrow twelve foot or so wide stream of water had flowed through.
Sunday was all cloudy as you can see here.  Not a bit of sunlight.

There wasn’t enough water to wash away all the leaves on the ground from this tree.
Just a narrow path.

Here you can see how much I push out the slide-out.  Just four or five inches.  All the way out is about eighteen inches.  We don’t need that much room inside.
Now typically I would close the slide-out if there is to be rain thus sealing it up tight.
This time I did not.  Oh, it’ll be alright.  Its just a few showers.  There is no wind to drive the rain in. 

Well stupid me discovered otherwise.  This whole section of carpet was wet.
All day Sunday, cold, foggy and damp (remember, no sun) I spent dealing with this.
The inside of our home looked like a dollar store with everything in a disarray.

Monday came and with it bright warm sunny skies.
Now the carpet could dry.  At one point the sun shone in directly through the door into that space.

I also discovered the bag on the side of the Honda was throughly soaked. Bungi cords, a nylon bag for carrying groceries in, a nylon bag with some tools and...that dang moldy hat that I had spent so much time cleaning.  It looked just like before!!

I had the bike covered.  Only thing is the cover is shot.  They last about a year.  The sun deteriorates it over time.  I have a new one I bought last year.  I just was going to wait until we got back to traveling before using it and throwing this one away.  I also have a canvas tarp I cover the bike with when it is supposed to rain.  I didn’t get it out.  Stupid move number two and three.
 Notice holes and cracks.

Lessons learned:  Always close the slide-out even if just a “shower”.  Put the new bike cover into action while wintering in the desert; don’t wait until underway again.  And use the damn canvas tarp when the bike is off the rack.  Finally, store the moldy hat in my vest, not the saddle bag.

See, you’re never to old too learn things.  It is just remembering what you learned that is the problem.


Barbara R. said...

Yes indeed...nothing like learning from our mistakes! Glad it's just water. Of course I'm on our second day of off and on rain...and due for several more. By the time I see old sol again I'll be dancing barefoot and smiling ear to ear. Greyness does get me down.

Kathe said...

Have you ever camped in a wash and later realized you could have been swept away by the sudden rains? Arroyos we call them here and very dangerous. Get rid of the hat! Mold is contagious and will ruin everything around it. Not to mention unhealthy! I'm in Mother Mode today, I guess. As for stupid, I call it Learning Curve. Now go and enjoy you day and stop picking on yourself!

Ellen D. said...

Live and learn! and throw away the moldy hat!

Toc said...

Dave Ramsey has introduced a new saying into our lives. When he does dumb things that end up costing him something, he calls it "paying the Stupid Tax." Sometimes we have to pay that tax more than once!

anonymous said...

I like what Toc said about 'Stupid Tax'. I think I've paid a fortune on that...and still paying. I might be in arrears!
Paranormal John

Debby said...

I read your posts backwards, being away. Your next post commented that you are not stupid...you just do stupid things. I love that and am adopting it as my own new motto.