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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Scouting and Shopping


Ajo, Arizona (pop. 3039)

Before the rain day set it in on Saturday we left camp to drive the ten miles north to Ajo.

Ajo is a pretty cool town, kind of artsy with murals scattered about.
If our stay here continues on as I think it might, we may relocate to Darby Well Road just outside of Ajo where we have stayed before.  Then I would be able to ride the Honda into town on dirt backroads for shopping and photograph some of the murals for you.  But for now, I had things to do.

I had trash, unburnable trash, to dispose of.  Mainly flattened cat food tins and soda pop cans.
I slowly drove through town looking for an unguarded dumpster.  None were to be had.
First stop, Family Dollar.

Around the side I found my dumpster.  Cool.
It’s such a good feeling getting ride of trash.
Inside the store was the typical dollar store of chaos and disarray. 

Next door was this shop.  Did you think RadioShack was no more?
I saw online that this was a drop off for UPS.  I wondered if I could have a UPS package delivered here.
Inside I met the owner Tony Montes.  Nice guy.  He said I could have a package sent there for a $5 fee.
This is great.  This meant that we could now probably stay in this area all winter and not go to Quartzsite.
We’ll see how things go.

The other thing I was looking for was an unguarded water faucet.  We would need to fill the water tank in our home eventually.  Also, where to get purified filter drinking water.  I saw a couple drinking water stations driving through town. I used this one in the back of the Chevron station.
Twenty-five cents a gallon.  In the back by the parked cars.
I went ahead and filled two jugs not knowing if the grocery store had a water machine.

Across the street I saw a grocery store, not the one I was planning on going to but I’d try it out.  
[It turned out to be the only grocery store in Ajo.  I was thinking there was one near the plaza.  Nope]
It is always a bit of concern when a grocery store is part of a hardware store.  Inside it was okay with the produce section kind of minimal.  The lady in front of me at the checkout, her total was $206.  I think she had around five bags of groceries.  My goodness!  Food costs enough as it is but being remote out here, these poor people have to pay much higher prices with less selection.  Their closest big shopping opportunity is an hour and a half drive away, 90 miles north to Buckeye outside of Phoenix.
There is a Walmart there.
There was another water machine in the store parking lot.  I’ll use it next time. It looked newer and nicer.

I still was searching for a place to get water for our home.  I would try the city park but couldn’t figure out how to get to it.  I drove by the cemetery.  The grass was bone dry dead.  I didn’t even go in.  I figured I might have to go to a private campground and most likely pay if they even let me fill without being a guest.  Before leaving town I pulled in behind this building to pause and see how to get to a nearby rest area.  There in back (I didn’t want to be taking pictures of them) were this old couple from Canada with a small travel trailer.  There had been camped down a way from us at Why.  They were hooking up their hose to a water faucet.  I got out to talk with the lady.  Turned out they were members of this humanitarian organization so I respected that and wouldn’t fill here.  She did tell me I could get water at the Shell station in town.  “That is usually where we have always got our water.  Three dollars.”  That was great to hear.  I’d gladly pay three dollars even if it would be the first time I ever paid to fill up The Little House on the Highway.  This was the last piece of the puzzle.  We could most definitely stay in this area all winter now.  If this goes well I think I can say we are done with Quartzsite.
Just don’t hold me to that.

Here’s the corker in talking with the woman.  When I said I saw them back at Gunsight Wash she said they are heading back home to British Columbia.  “My goodness, its freezing cold there now!” I exclaimed.
“Oh were just going for Christmas.  We’re coming back afterwards.”
I just stood there, speechless.

- comment replies -
Nope, I don’t make my own soup.  Open a can.  But I get the good stuff, Amy’s for example.
And ladies please, you think I would buy a hat from a thrift shop after someone else had been wearing it?  
No way! 
I did consider saving the patch and adding it to another cap I have.  I thought I’d try the cleaning first.


Barbara R. said...

Good to have winter options. Hats and coats maybe from thrift stores...hats and coats thouroughly washed and high temp dried...definitely. Sorry to offend your sensibilities! Of course I wouldn't try on a used hat. So I understand that would make it hard to figure out if you liked it or not. Looking forward to murals!

Debby said...

Ajo sounds like a nice place with a lot of blog posts stashed around it for you to discover.

Kathe said...

I'm with Barbara. I wash new things too. Get rid of the chemicals in the fabric.
Looks like a nice town. You're like a detective on a case. Years of experience. You could write a book. Wait! You did! Several! :)