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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Taking a Dirt Road to Organ Pipe Cactus N.M.


Why, Arizona

There is a road sign just outside of town showing that Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument to be four miles ahead.  I thought: Four miles, I can ride that on the motorbike and get a few photos of the cactus for my followers on the blog.

I rode out to the entrance of the camp area and picked up this track heading south.  The dirt road hugged a barbed wire fence.  Just a hundred feet more to the left is Highway 85 to Mexico, 25 miles away.

A mile and a half later the dirt track petered out.

I parked the bike and walked on ahead through a thicket of brush to see what was going on.  
No more road.  I turned back for the bike.  When I got there I realized my socks and boots were now full of little tiny stickers from that brush or grasses.  Great!  Just great!

So much for my wonderful idea.  
As I tried to brush away all those tiny stickers from my socks I noticed this abandoned backpack under the barbed wire fence.  I thought about the illegal migrants passing through here.  At this point they have traveled twenty-five miles from the border.  I wondered what their socks looked like.
Point to note: that footprint in the above photo is not mine.

As I pulled away I saw this guy waving at me.
“Hi there.”

Anyway, this is an Organ Pipe Cactus, what I was wanting to get a picture of for you.
Actually, that four miles would be just to the monument boundary.
The visitor center and campground would be another fifteen miles or so.
Five miles beyond that is the U.S./Mexico border at Lukeville.

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A wash is a stream bed, or river wash.  


Barbara R. said...

So is the last shot also organ pipe cactus? I know so little about the desert, but sure would have got the stickers all over my socks also!

Ellen D. said...

I would be worried about snakes and critters. Be careful!

Kathe said...

Must be kind of unsettling to see the footprint of "someone" that should not even be there.
That is a HAPPY cactus. Made me smile.

sparklingmerlot said...

That is some desolate beauty. Just as well Beans wasn't with you with all those stickers.

Debby said...

So sad to think of the desperation in that desolate place.