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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Why We Are Here and Not There


Why, Arizona

I have a few places saved on my weather app, special places I enjoyed staying at.  Occasionally I get alerts as to the weather at these places.  Monday I received this about Ambrose, North Dakota.

Ambrose was the very small town just a few miles from the Canadian border; the little town where I explored the abandoned houses and where Arthur Strolie had lived.  After reading this I thought of those houses with the snow building up upon the roofs that were already looking to collapse.
Many of those roofs had gaping holes so that snow is building up in the attic, leaking to the floors below.

Then there was the “very cold wind chills as low as 35 degrees below zero”.
How had Arthur survived in cold like that living in that flimsy shack with no insulation?
I cannot imagine such intense cold, yet there are people living there right now.

Regarding the moldy hat, I rarely wear it.  I only carry it with me on the motorbike to have something to put on my head if I go into a store and had been wearing my helmet.  In Arizona there is no helmet law.  I have a regular wide-brim hat I wear while riding to protect my head from the sun.  Also, I ride into the town of Quartzsite on trails and dirt roads, not the streets until reaching the stores.  So really, the only time I wear the helmet is when it is cold.  In the end this works out to me putting on that “moldy” cap only a few times a year and each time is only long enough to go into the store and pick up a few groceries.  All time totaled that I wore that hat I doubt was not even an hour for the entire year.
So, can I keep my hat?  I don’t want to throw it away.  I got it while in Baja long ago.  Memories.

- comment reply -
Thank you sparklingmerlot for the kind words about how much you have enjoyed reading the eBooks.  
I am glad they are helpful in putting you to sleep each evening.
I have never camped in a wash.  I may do stupid things but I am not stupid.


Sandi said...

Maybe the heavy snow insulates, like an iiglo, as long as you have some warmth inside like a fire-- with ventilation?

Sandi said...

What is a wash? I must have missed a post!

Barbara R. said...

Hopefully Arthur would spend the winters with someone in a better/warmer abode. I guess I think of the mobility of people more after having read about a certain modern vagabon!

Kathe said...

I remember getting taken camping by Irene, my mom's friend. 7 kids and Irene. Got late and we found a park outside Bismarck. Slept in an open shed with bats. Pitch black outside. Strange noise all night that turned out to be a flooded Missouri River just down a steep ravine next to our shed. Thankfully none of us went looking for an outhouse during the night. We got to see a buffalo though. So, doing stupid things is nothing new to me. God's grace I'm still alive.
Everyone "sat around the stove" in the winters. We had one in the church and my family got the choice seat of being right behind it. I and my two sisters shared an unheated bedroom upstairs in our house. Mom made feather tick quilts. We slept with just our nose sticking out. I still like a cold room and a thick quilt.
Okay, but don't blame me if your tombstone says, "He died of a moldy hat." Interestingly enough, the Book of Leviticus has a large amount to say about mold and how they controlled it. Symbolic but also practical.