A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Monday, January 23, 2023

A Busy Day


Monday morning I was notified that my package had arrived at the post office.  A day early.  I wasn’t ready.  Lets go with it Beans and get a head start on our next journey.

One last trip into Ajo. 

First stop, the post office.

Next up, the Shell station to fill up the water tank.  $3.00

Then pull over to the Shell carwash.  $1.50 for four and a half minutes.  A good deal.

Gracie is nice and clean now.

Then walk over to fill two jugs with purified drinking water.
Three things checked off my list with one stop.
Could have been four things but we still had a half a tank or propane.
We’ll fill up the fuel tank tomorrow at the Indian Casino three miles out.  Cheaper.

Next the Radioshack store to pick up a UPS delivered package.

I like the box Dad.

Then next door to Family Dollar for a couple items.

And then on down to Dollar General.
They had eggs.  I passed.

Next, pick up the air and oil filter I had to order.

Next, one last stop at Olsen’s Market.  I’m sorry I said your store was pathetic.
You’re doing your best.  I didn’t buy any carne asada to take with me.

They had lots of eggs.  I went with the medium size as they were the cheapest.
Bigger ones were more than Dollar General’s and the brown free range were a whole ten dollar bill.

Next, laundry.

A nice facility.  $2.50 a load and twenty-five cents for eight minutes to dry.
HOT too.  Two old ladies showed me how to operate the washer.  I could have figured it out but its not everyday you get two old ladies to help out an old man.

Last stop, the Little Free Library to drop off a Michael Connelly book.  
See it?  Please don’t tell me I should have picked up the Harry Potter book.

Back at the camp area near Why we pulled in to a new spot just for the night.  I fixed a spot of tea and some cornbread while folding and putting away clothes.  Where’s that one sock I hung up to dry?  I looked all over finally thinking I lost it some where what with all the getting in and out of the vehicle.  I was bummed.  Finally I found it down in the footwell on the driver’s side.  How’d it get down there?  
BEANS!!  That darn cat pulled it down from where it was hanging and hid it from me!
I’m gonna wring a neck! 


Debby said...

Okay. That cat meme is hilarious. I also notice it can be applied to 12 year old boys! I heard that eggs will begin to come down in price. Of course they will! Know why? Because a couple weeks ago, I bought a case of them - five dozen- from Walmart.

Barbara Rogers said...

I can feel your excitment about impending road trip. It is just there, beyond all the details of readiness. My goodness, no sitting around with your feet up today! Bon voyage!

Kathe said...

You are Bean's entertainment. I'm exhausted reading your list of errands. Tomorrow? Here you and Beans come!