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Friday, January 27, 2023

A Scrawny Chicken


This guy comes by each day.  I had to take the photo through the screen door.

Otherwise Beans will charge out thinking she can catch him.
“Beep beep”

- comment replies -

“I saw on the news Tuscan (?) supposed to be snow and cold.”

Don’t scare me like that!

I’ve pretty much resigned myself to having to stay here longer than I wanted.  Everywhere east of here is colder.  If we had gone to Quartzite like we usually do every year we’d still be there for another month before moving out.  I’m trying to realign my thinking.

Why the BLM doesn’t provide dumpsters.  Probably a cost factor.  They expect people to be responsible.  Ha!  Also the locals would come by filling the dumpster with their trash, furniture, appliances and mattresses.  I found a mattress today.  No picture.  You don’t want to see that.  As for community service people cleaning up and leaving those bags along the roadway, I considered that.  I saw a trash truck drive by this morning so on my walk I went by the roadside dump-off site just to see.  Yep, it was all still there.  “Not my job.”


Sandi said...

Is that a road runner? 😃

Barbara Rogers said...

Beep beep! The Blue Ridge Road Runner is doing just fine. I forgot to go to the auto place yesterday for a check up and oil change. Just plain forgot. So I hope to reschedule. Lots of things in my life get rescheduled. Do you change the oil on your engine?

TexWisGirl said...

Awww, I miss my skinny chickens. 😊

Kathe said...

Love road runners! A sign of Spring is seeing them running down the road with a lizard in it's mouth. Beans and Road Runner could go hunting together.
Sorry about the bad weather report. Looking back at it I see it was a 2 month projection. Or, I may have been reading North Dakota reports. :)
Any way you cut it, people need to clean up their own messes in life. In the meantime, the rest of us do because we have to live in this world. Enabling? Heck yes! In my city they pay them to mess it up!
I'm thinking you're going to have to settle for sunny and make your own warm. That's what's happening here.