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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Ajo Plaza


Ajo, Arizona

We had to go into town yesterday as the propane was getting low.  It was a matter of now or a few days from now.  I dread going into town.  Wish I didn’t feel that way.  I have to psyche myself up for it a day in advance.  We leave around 9 a.m.  After hitting the three stores, the post office, getting the propane, filling water jugs and a stop at the auto parts store I swung by The Little Free Library then stepped inside the thrift store to check on books.  I found myself thinking to myself I’m not into this turned and walked out.  I just wanted to get back home (so did Beans).  Each time these ventures into town, do errands and get back home takes three hours.  Never seems to vary.

There is no place like home.


Barbara R. said...

Great photo of your "home"...love the cactus that balances the motorhome!

Debby said...

It looks like home is a good place to be.

Kathe said...

Pretty soon you are going to be wearing red shoes (see Dorothy in Wizard of Oz). Home does feel extra safe nowdays. The folks in my hometown live on farms for the most part. They go into town and have coffee with each other and then head back out to the homestead. Coming from a family of 8 kids I like visiting but I like to be alone too. Seems to me so do you when you are out traveling and find an interesting person. You visit, then go back to the "homestead" and shut the door. Running chores is not fun unless you come home with a wonderful dodad that makes your life easier.

Ellen D. said...

Wow! That blue sky in your home photo sure looks fabulous!

Me said...

(I don't comment - just read mostly) But.... Just a thought but it's a bit overwhelming to have to do 3-5 stores/errands in one trip. Even though it might mean "going into town" twice in a week, it might be easier mentally and emotionally to just go in for 1-2 stops at a time.

Do the 1-2 stores and head home. Quick and easy so it's not too much. 2 days later do another one or two. Eat the elephant in small bites so to speak! LOL.