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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Chicken, Coyote and Cornbread


The wind calmed down enough that I was able to barbecue the pollo asada finally. 

My goodness!  Oh so good!  Whatever it is that Olsen’s Market marinates their meats in is something I will truly miss when we leave from here.

That evening a herd of coyotes came to camp howling and yipping to no end.  It sounded like a half a dozen of them of all ages.  This is how close they were.  
Maybe the scent of that pollo asada attracted them.

The next day, having finished my biscuits I baked some cornbread.

Looks about right.

This is the cornbread I use.  I have found none better.


Debby said...

We have seen traces of a coyote and caught them on the trail cams down at the retirement property, but I have never seen a half dozen of them together at a time. (We've heard multiples yipping and howling in the woods after a hunt, so we know that they are out there). That would be scary to have so many so close. What was Bean's response to the racket?

Ellen D. said...

I had a coyote run across my street into my backyard as I was pulling into my driveway the other day.
I am sure your coyotes smelled that yummy juice that dripped down from your chicken as it cooked. Good thing Beans was safe inside.

Kathe said...

I HATE coyotes and I LOVE cornbread! I made chili yesterday. Today I shall make cornbread to dunk in it. I'm a Class A Dunker! Sharing food stories is such a good thing. Thanks, John.
PS: Here's a sure fire way to send a message to the coyotes. Mark your tire over their mark. It's the Law of the Land!

Upriverdavid said...

When I 1st read the heading, I thought you two are having roast chicken and coyote...
Tastes like chicken?
Please don't mind me, I'm just checking up on your adventures, and I'm never growing up.....
In fact I am now 1/2" shorter than I was my last check-up...