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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Coming Up Empty


Ten miles east of Tucson, Arizona

It seems we will be ‘stuck’ here for some time until things warm up further on down the road.
Still, it isn’t a bad place to be stuck at.  Neighbors are seldom seen and quiet.


I have always tried to have a post each day but it is pretty difficult to do here.
There simply isn’t anything to really blog about unless you want more photos of trash lying about.
So there may be some days where no post shows up in your morning feed.
If you have any requests about anything you might want to see leave them in the comments.

Meanwhile I started reading this book I picked up at the Little Free Library back in Ajo.
It has proven to be a real page turner.  I’m halfway though it already.

- comment reply -

I had you in mind TWG when I set up yesterday’s post.  
I was thinking you called Roadrunners scrawny chickens but I see now it was skinny chickens.


Cathy said...

My first question is….what are the two plants you’ve photographed for us today.
There’s probably a lot of ‘flora & fauna’ that us from overseas don’t recognise so maybe something about what’s around and about (no black garbage bags tho’ 😊)

Barbara Rogers said...

I asked yesterday, and guess I will keep asking, how do you keep your motor part of your home ticking away? Oil Changes? Filters? Belts? I know it's diesel, but dare say all of these happen in that engine as well as my little 4 cylinder gas eater. Of course this doesn't have to take up a whole post. Just a catch up of what you do and don't do.

Ellen D. said...

I liked the photos of plants that you posted today. When you can't think of what to write, just keep sharing the beauty and good things around you.

RedPat said...

I have enjoyed every James Patterson book I have read. I get them at the Little Libraries too.

Kathe said...

Isn't Tuscan where they have that big gem show? I wonder if there are places that display gems? You could educate us. I sure need it.
I was wondering how you can tell if a politician has gone insane anymore? ;)

sparklingmerlot said...

Thanks to childhood cartoons I thought roadrunners were bigger.