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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Foiled Again


One day on a walk I talked with another walker.  During our conversation he said that there was a watering hole for cattle after I mentioned them coming through camp one evening.  He told me where it was, some water tanks, and I looked for it on a satellite image.  It looked like a road went out to it.  
(See arrow pointing to it in the upper left-hand corner)

Yesterday was a nice sunny day, good for some exploring on my now gasoline leak-free Honda Trail 90.  I left home (bottom right corner- blue circle) rode up to that road only to find there was no road just off the highway at the lower right corner of the image.  I went back and forth along the barbed wire fence.  No road, no way to get past the barbed wire, no gate anywhere. 
 Now disappointed I tried something else. 

The guy mentioned a service road that follows the power lines south from here that parallels the highway and I could take it all the way to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.  “They have to maintain those lines.”  I told him how I had tried that before but couldn’t get far.  He acted like it was an easy trek.  Well maybe I missed something.  I decided to try again.  And just like before I made it to where the road meets that creek wash bed (circle with arrow).  And just like before there was no getting through there.  No way can a service truck get through here!  If I were thirty years younger and with a much bigger and more powerful motorcycle I would have pressed on finding the road further out in the desert where it veers away from the highway.  But I am older and a bit more cautious now and so, once again turned back.  

Click HERE to see photos from the previous attempt.

I sort of beat myself up some on the way back home for failing once again, now twice, and for being old and not so much a risk taker anymore.

Fun times ahead.

- comment reply -

For you tomato soup lovers I suggest you try Amy’s Chunky Tomato Bisque.  Very good taking tomato soup up to another level.  Later I discovered that Campbells made a tomato bisque also.
  It is not bad, only not chunky like Amy’s.

Also I do use Oroweat multi-grain bread most of the time.  It is just the store here in Ajo doesn’t carry Oroweat brand bread so had to resort to Dave’s.


Cathy said...

Looks like you’ll be needing an extra blanket….or two tonight!

Kathe said...

Is it normal for such violent weather in that area? You mentioned you were planning to over winter there next year.
When you're beating yourself up for not jumping over fences, remember that most folks reading your blog are sitting in recliners.
I'm for SURE going to find that soup. You've mentioned that brand before. Soup is my wine.
I suggest you follow the cow tracks next time you are looking for access. Like the cowboys do in the movies. My husband has been watching Rawhide. Clint Eastwood is in his late 80s and still making movies. Rowdy!

Barbara R. said...

Better safe than sorry...so you tried. Or as some other wise folks say, gave it the good old college try. No idea where that came from. Good sounding soups.

Ellen D. said...

My son and I discovered the other day that when we added leftover mac and cheese into our tomato bisque soup, it made it even more yummy!

Upriverdavid said...

As we have made it this far on the space ship earth. We are close to the same age I believe you shared a bit ago. Better to be safe and keep on being careful as to keep on keeping on..as we travel alone.
Hey maybe I can redeem my yacking too much?
Check out the 2023 calendar from the Portland District C.O.E. It has a bunch of your and mine 4 pawed furry friends.
You can download it, I plan on doing it the next time I visit my local library.
I worked for the Seattle C.O.E. when I got out of the army in 1971.
I drove the generals-big shots around to meetings with our best Congress folks: Jackson-Maggie etc.
All the state patrol officers, armed and just me protecting them.
Washington State..Those were the days..(:=)....Good times..