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Sunday, January 8, 2023

Gas Tank Repair & Barbecue

 The Honda Trail 90 has a slight hairline crack on the top of the gas tank under the seat.  The metal has been worn thin by the seat itself.  It was like that when I bought the bike.  When the gas sloshes around inside while riding a little bit of gas seeps out.  No danger but it is annoying with a full tank.  I’ve tried to repair it twice before using JB Weld but each repair has failed in time. 

I looked for an alternative repair substance and discovered JB Weld made an epoxy designed for gas tanks.  The auto parts store in town had it.  $9.54.  Well, I’d give it a try.

I removed my metal patch and scraped away all the old JB Weld (forgot to take a picture) then added some of the new stuff over the hairline crack.  I let it set for an hour.

Then I added some more, squished my metal patch onto that and let it set another hour.


The next day I went for a ride.  No seepage.  I may have finally got it!  It is so nice to buy a product that actually does what it is intended to do.  JB Weld is really good stuff.  I have repaired a lot of things with it.  It is holding my refrigerator door together for example.  The only difference with this TankWeld is that it is petroleum resistant.

To celebrate my good fortune I barbecued a steak for dinner.

This is the second Carne Asada steak I have had from the in town grocery store.
Whatever it is that they marinate their meats in is outstanding.  Kind of sweet and spicy.
I poured the remainder on the top after I flipped the steak.  Yeah it got a bit crispy.  Caught fire!
I cannot recall when I last had a steak so tender and tasty.

I like my little barbecue grill.  Just right for one person.


Vicki said...

Your steak looks very good, and I like a little burn on meat and vegetables.

That cartoon is me only with all animals.

Ellen D. said...

Glad that product worked so well for you. It is good to know about.

Kathe said...

A purrfectly PURRFECT day!

Barbara R. said...

Sounds delicious...and I like your tiny grill too...efficient and stainless, good design! Kudos to you for repair with a product designed for that need! For household repairs I've used K-6000...but it has to dry with pressure on the seam. Might not be adequate for your refrigerator door.

Debby said...

Well, that's an accomplishment worthy of a steak dinner. I love it when a fix goes right! Congratulations. Is there any way to adapt the seat so that it doesn't happen again?