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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

How Do They Manage?


Our first night here ten miles west of Tucson Arizona got down to the freezing point.  It wasn’t too bad inside our cozy little home with four insulated walls.  Plus having my two sleeping bags I slept well.

But there are these folks who have only a thin nylon cover for protection from the cold.

My neighbor, he is from Colorado.  The cold is normal there.  It must not bother him.

It has to be cold inside.

This lady is from Washington and sleeps in her car with two little dogs.
I saw her place two guitars up on the roof and cover them with what looked like a sleeping bag.
It must be cramped inside at night.

These little trailers are cute.  Not much space inside to heat up.  Another solo woman camper.

Twenty-four hours later and I don’t regret moving now.  It is supposed to gradually get warmer and there isn’t much difference in temperatures between the two places.  I just wanted to keep on moving that’s all.  It’ll just take a bit longer now waiting for the rest of the route to warm up.

I’m warm.

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As Barbara said “...going means that something is unexpected out there.”  Traveling and the exposure to new experiences help to motivate and give me inspiration for the blog and my journaling.  Sitting stagnant in the winter months do not.



Barbara Rogers said...

Awe, thanks for the quote. I just remember the feeling. When we were about to start trips, and I was still packing up food etc, my son would go outside and sit in the car...an hour before we could leave. He just had that bug too, gotta get out there to see what is there.

Kathe said...

Anticipation is a precious sign of Life!

Debby said...

Well, now, don't you sound much better?!!

Billy Blue Eyes said...

I've slept in a tent in December on Dartmoor back in 1970, the frost was on the ground and inside my tent but I was warm in my sleeping bag. I doubt they notice if they are cosy in a sleeping bag