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Thursday, January 5, 2023

Iglesia de Ajo

Yesterday’s post brought up this suggestion:

 “...to just go in for 1-2 stops at a time.  Do the 1-2 stores and head home. Quick and easy so it's not too much. 2 days later do another one or two.”

A good suggestion but...

The trip into town requires securing camp inside and outside before leaving for the ten mile drive to town. Ten miles on a narrow two-lane desert highway with impatient idiots passing one another.  
So there’s that.  

Then there is the one and only grocery store in town.  Every time I am in there the word ‘pathetic’ comes to my mind as I wander up and down the aisles in a futile search for what I am looking for.  To be fair, they try.  It must be difficult to stock everything for a small town’s needs.  And too, remember it is a combination of grocery and a hardware store. What can one expect? 

 Plus there is a high mark-up on goods.  So I hit the two dollar stores first not just to save a few pennies but many times a couple dollars on a single item.  And there is the fact the dollar stores having a lot of empty shelves.  I have to visit both.  Now I am up to three stops just for grocery items alone.

Lastly there is me.  I am in solitude for days and weeks.  I love my solitude.  Going into town is an effort for me to be around so much going on.   I am anxious to return to home.  It isn’t so bad when traveling for I am exposed to people more then, but put me in the desert all winter long and changes in me take place.  Being alone can be dangerously addictive. Once you realize how peaceful it is you want nothing more.

I appreciate you comment and suggestion though.  Thank you.


Cathy said...

Doesn’t seem to matter the size of the place - there seems to be supply issues for tiny corner shops all the way through to huge department stores.

I realise you are away away from the big towns now but is there any way you can stock up with some items or do not have the room?

Barbara Rogers said...

I understand how you have to pack everything up...like motorcycle hanging on back etc. Definitely makes a lot of work as well as the travel along dirt road for 2 miles, each way! I went to laundromat yesterday, and while washing was going, drove quickly to next strip mall to get honey at a local grocery. They were out of their wonderful quart jars of local honey, so I got a couple of bears. Fingers crossed there will be more later in the year. Keep on enjoying solitude. Think of all the monks and nuns who do the same, without benefit of Beans.

Kathe said...
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Ellen D. said...

I guess after all of these years of living a nomadic life, you have your system down. You do what is best for you, John. Too bad for the people who live there that they don't have better stores.

Sandi said...

Is that a church?

Debby said...

I guess I'd have to be the same way...get the unpleasantness done and out of the way. Since this whole covid thing, I've discovered that I really do like being in my own space, doing my own thing.

sparklingmerlot said...

And that is why you are a cat person. Can you imagine having a dog who wanted to say hello to everyone and everything? Hell on earth. Yes, I have two but they are really the husbands. The cats are mine.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about ordering hard to find items on line? Walmart offers free shipping on orders of $35 or more. Of course not everything is available on line and you would have to make arrangements for an in-town delivery address but it might be worth checking out.