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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Latest Ebook is Available


Our latest eBook is now available.  
In the past I have paid a service to have the word document formatted to be put on kindles and ereaders.  This also included them designing a book cover.  Each year it seemed to be more of an agravating endeavor, especially the making of the cover.  Last year especially so.  The person the project was handed off to was very incompetent unable to follow simple directions given for the layout I wanted.  Even when I supplied examples from past covers.  Consequently I wasn’t looking forward to doing this year’s eBook.

Well last year a service called Draft2Digital teamed up with Smashwords, the platform I use to publish the eBooks.  D2D would provide formatting of your work for free.  Unbelievable.  I also found an app, Canva, where I could create my own eBook cover.  I approached both of these very apprehensively since I am not very good with computer stuff.  I stumbled through the making of the book cover which wasn’t all that difficult.  It was simply a learning process.  As for the formatting there I was worried about combining the two elements of the eBook.  It went well, all automatic without having to interact with a human.  Whew!

To get your free copy click HERE

- comment replies -

I apologize Barbara, I meant to address your question and completely forgot.  I do my own oil changes.  I don’t trust `kids at quick lube places.  I just changed the air filter a couple days ago.  I should do the fuel filter too.  It is time.  The engine has only one belt and I had it done when it gave way leading to a tow.  I’ll try it myself next time.
That is a good suggestion Cathy.  I’ll work on showing plant life more.  Having been around desert plants all my life I just take them for granted not seeing how they are new, different and strange to others who don’t live among them.
Tucson may have a gem show.  I know Quartzsite does which is going on now.  I know nothing about gems and couldn’t educate.  More importantly, consider the crowds.  I could never cope.


Kathe said...

I LOVE the cover picture and the title! I can hardly wait to read it!
I wasn't thinking about a gem show. I hate that kind of crowd too. Just museums and stuff like that. I'll never forget the gem displays in the Smithsonian. Hope Diamond! Huge chunks of gold! And every other kind of stone you never knew existed. Maybe you'll find some on your walks? Headlines, "Largest diamond ever, found by man and his cat."

Barbara Rogers said...

When I download your books, I can't open them. My silly old PC doesn't figure out what they are I guess. I opened a Smashbooks account. It doesn't tell me how to read a smashbook. I download them fine, and the url says they are "epub" files. I haven't got any suggestions offered (as sometimes happens) for a "open with" app. Sorry. Maybe I can get them on the iPhone.

Damselfly said...

Barbara - I've used a free epub to pdf file converter and it works wonderfully.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, I use Adobe Digital Editions which works very well. Then I have the corresponding period of the blog open at the same time for the pictures. Works very well. John, thank you for your blog and books! Patricia