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Monday, January 2, 2023

On High Ground

 Why, Arizona

After yesterday’s post we received the question if we were camping in a dry river bed.

No we are not but it is a flood plain.  The sign out on the highway warns about possible flash floods for the next ten miles.  This low mountain range captures a lot of water and funnels it down onto the flatlands.

From this satellite image you can see how that happens.  All the water flows down those creeks just like Beans Wash to Gunsight Wash the large dark looking watercourse.  We’d have to have rains of Biblical proportions to be in any danger.

Most all of those feeders into Gunsight Wash are narrow steep walled creeks like Beans Wash.  One day I rode the Honda 90 on around the mountains to explore the other side to the right (off image).  It is basically all scrubby flatland with a spider web of these narrow watercourses.  I wanted to get close to the mountains and got myself into a pickle, unable to cross any of these vegetation choked steep walled creek beds.  Finally I found a way out.  Enough of that foolishness! I went back home without a single photo.

- comment reply -
Yes, I have been to Big Bend National Park along the Rio Grande River, the border of Texas and Mexico.  It was in 2011 and Sinbad was with me.  I don’t think Beans will ever get to see it.  It is a long haul down there and most likely way too many people these days.  The Mexicans that live in the little village on the other side of the river will cross over and leave their handicrafts on the rocks for sale.  All on the honor system. Leave a donation in the jar.  That is where I got my wire scorpion.

If interested in seeing about my visit to Big Bend back in 2011 click HERE and follow on for two more posts afterwords. Click newer post at the bottom of each.  Pleasant memories for me reviewing these.
“Have you checked for gold and old coins that might have washed up?”  I am always looking down when I walk or hike. You’ll never find your fortune by looking into the sky.


Debby said...

Okay, so what is the luckiest find you've ever found?

Kathe said...

Thank you for the link to Big Bend. Must have made your heart hurt a bit to see Sinbad guarding your famous Senior Pass. We also have one of those. Such a gift.
Do you ever see black dirt in the washes? I heard that is a sign of GOLD!!! :)