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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Passing Cows


I forgot to set the trigger on yesterday’s post so for those of you across the pond...sorry.  It wasn’t much anyway, just some murals in town which I didn’t even have anything to say about.  Much like this post.  Cows passing by.

They came by in the night at some time. Never even heard them.  
Then went across Beans’ Wash just behind us.

I sure do not know what they eat out here.  There are no grasses.

And no standing water or watering holes that I know of.

And who ever they belong to, just how do they know where they are?

Do cattle go wild and live their entire life free from becoming hamburger?


Barbara R. said...

I've seen many photos of wild horses, and now you make me wonder if there are wild cows too! Poor things in the desert country!

Kathe said...

Range cattle. Different than milk cows etc. They're strictly for beef.
Brings back a memory. I was about 8 years old. My sister and my friend were wandering the coulees outside of town like kids do. We saw a little pond. Irrisistable! Though none of us could swim there was a pile of boards right by. We just knew we would not get wet and floated around a bit. Soon we were soaked through and through. We hung our clothes on the bushes to dry and went back to floating and splashing. I remember looking up and seeing a herd of cows coming down to the pond for their afternoon drink. I don't know who was more frightened, us or the cows. We grabbed our clothes and went running off still damp. I can still remember the sheer joy of a child feeling so free and happy and WET! No one ever knew but us 3 girls, and the cows. Thanks for the memory, John. Hope you and Beans find a happy pond.

Debby said...

Ugh! I thought I left a comment this morning. I was so curious about this. I wsmfered puff to read about it. Google desert cattle and criollo. I had no idea. The things I learn from blogs!

Debby said...

*wandered off...