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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Trash Everywhere

Ten miles west of Tucson, Arizona

This is not the kind of post I enjoy making on the blog.  This place is really bad for trash lying about.  I suspect some of it is by locals using this BLM land as a trash dump.

Here it looked like possibly someone had cleaned up some of it but why did they leave the bags alongside the roadway?


Here some campers just threw their trash into a pit nearby.  
How can you feel okay doing this and driving away?

The box was full of something.  I found that out by kicking it.  I didn’t look inside.
And the shoes were not my style.

Nearby were these ladies shoes.
They didn’t fit me so I left them there.

Worst of all is broken glass littering the entire place.
Probably leftovers from being a shooting gallery for the locals.
This will last for eons.

Someday we will come by here again and discover the camp area shut down, fenced off with KEEP OUT signs.  Sad as there is no place else to stay in the Tucson area.  All Walmarts have NO overnight parking.
A city ordinance.  Not Walmart’s doing.
I don’t know what we will do when the CLOSED KEEP OUT signs appear.


Debby said...

Here, there is a program. People who have been sentenced to community service collect trash, bag it and set it along side the road. Later, DOT trucks will come along and collect it for disposal.

Ellen D. said...

Why doesn't the city or Bureau of Land Management provide dumpsters for trash and maintain the site for campers?

Barbara Rogers said...

Some campers don't realize the footprints they leave behind. Those trash bags mainly. But I did have to laugh at the two pairs of shoes. Apparently someone went through the trash and found them and thought someone else might like them. The women's shoes look new.

Kathe said...

Sorry the cute yellow pumps didn't work for you. Not sure that's your color anyway.
Looks like the folks are trying and need some dumpsters. As for the glass, maybe in about a zillion years they will be diamonds! I may be slipping into Lalaland here though.
I saw on news Tuscan supposed to be snow and cold. Looks like it's maybe Malibu time for you, but they had an earthquake. Hope you're laughing by now. ;)

sparklingmerlot said...

It saddens and angers me that the ignorant self entitled few ruin things for the majority who take their rubbish with them? If there is too much to cart away then maybe they need to look at their lifestyles. But we know that won't happen.