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Monday, January 16, 2023

Weather Change


Why, Arizona

We have been confined indoors due to rain and a stiff cold wind.

The rain didn’t amount to much, just some light sprinkling in the early morning hours yet we got this warning. Don’t understand it as Beans Wash didn’t even get flowing this time as it did when I made the short video of it with the water rushing awhile back.

Still it called for a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

Looking ahead doesn’t appear promising for the rest of the month.

I cannot find a warmer place for us to go to.  At least it will be sunny.  We will take that.  For sure I am going to have to dig out my military sleeping bag.

You want out there?  I’m not going out.  You let me know when you want back in.
Two minutes later she was at the door.

- comment reply -
I hope I didn’t offend any dog owners out there with the previous post.  That was not my intention.
I apologize nevertheless to you dog lovers.  I respect you giving dogs a good life.


Debby said...

No offense taken at all, but I am glad to see you back!

Barbara Rogers said...

Your cheese sandwich looks delicious!

Kathe said...

Cheese sandwich looks delicious. Now you only need tomato soup to dunk it in. And a glass of cold milk. I must be hungry.
Snowed here a bit yesterday. We're at about 6000 for altitude. Good day to stay inside with a good book.

Vicki said...

That sandwich looks yummy, looks like the wheat bread I buy!
I like my sandwiches, meat and veggies almost burnt :)

Upriverdavid said...

I better stop commenting tonight after this one. I may be too silly for some readers.
My pal Barn Kat has the same paw prints tonight in the snow. For some reason his go from our warm-dry-friendly home to the snow covered outside.
He did go out and came back in giving me head bumps and rubs..His prints went all over outside.
A P.S. to an earlier comment I left, I was joined with secret service along with the state patrol officers.
The meetings were with the 3rd-4th ? folks next in line to the president.
I had just gone to work and was told by the dispatch to wear slacks and a tie rather than my Levis and plaid shirt.
Quite interesting day, I thought and still to this day. Eh?