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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

What was Your Luckiest Find Ever?


That was the question.  

Well as for money, the most I ever found was this ten dollar bill near Sturgis, South Dakota.

When out walking or hiking I am always looking for heart-shaped rocks besides other unique rocks. 
Near Moab, Utah I found an agate that looked like an actual heart.

I have always hoped to find a cowboy’s gun.  
The closest yet to that was this half of a toy gun and that was near here where we are now.

I did find a very nice knife on a hiking trail in California.

But the question was “What is the luckiest find you’ve ever found?”
Without question that would be finding my sweet Beans on Craigslist.

- comment replies -
“That must have hurt a bit seeing Sinbad guarding your senior pass.”  
Seeing pictures of Sinbad always gets to me.  He was really devoted to me.  When I got Beans I didn’t expect her to fill the loss he left behind.  I in fact kind of felt sorry for her.  How could she ever replace my dear Sinbad?  I didn’t put any high expectations on her to meet.  Well she proved me wrong.  She has far exceeded anything I could have hoped for.  Granted the two cats have two completely different personalities.  Sinbad was a lover and cuddler.  Beans, not so much.  But she does the best she can and I have learned and respected her ways of showing her love for me.  


Cathy said...

Bet you could buy much much more for your $10 then than you could today.

Debby said...

That 'heart' is amazing! I found a spur once when I was a kid playing in the creek. An old rusted thing. The funny part was that weeks later. I was playing in the creek and I just knew that I would find that other spur. It was the strangest thing. I was just wading along. I got this certainty. I started digging and there it was...a couple hundred yards down stream from the first one. if Beans had posted, I have no doubt that you'd come on a strong second as her luckiest find, right after lizards.

Kathe said...

Amazing how a little furball can fill one's heart so completely. The ability to love is such a wonderful gift.
That rock is freaky! Looks real!

Karen said...

When our beloved border collie died, my husband said he could never love another dog. Not too long after that sad day, we had a sweet Labrador girl offered up to us as a rescue. Hubby told her he wouldn't love her like our boy, but she has really grown on him. She does to him for the first hug and cuddle of the day. (She will always be my dog though.)