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Wednesday, February 1, 2023



Buffelgrass is a perennial grass from Africa.

When my plant identifier told me that I thought that would be interesting to make a post about.  
A grass from Africa.  How’d it get here?  Later I read more.

“It is invasive to the Sonoran Desert of the southwest of the United States where it threatens the desert ecosystem by out-competing native plants.  It was brought into Arizona in the 1930’s and began rapidly expanding by the 1980’s.  Left unchecked it will fuel fast moving wildfires.”

Whelp, there was another dumb idea someone had.

This is a bit of a short post as we had an issue in the morning.  We ran out of propane for our little heater.  I sure didn’t want to go out but go we did.  We went on to do some grocery shopping since the day was already in upheaval, shopping which was planned for next week.

I bought myself a roasted chicken to make the outing worth it. 
Beans never wants cooked chicken I buy.
Weird cat.
So if they killed millions of chickens because of an avian virus causing the price of eggs to skyrocket, where did this chicken come from?  One of the million?  Roasting kills the virus?
(Being silly here, not serious)

Oh the people.


Kathe said...

Reminds me of the Russian Thistle that invaded the plains. One of my jobs as a child was to pull it up in the fields.
I hear you about the over night shortages we seem to have.

Barbara Rogers said...

That is a crowded place, the store!

sparklingmerlot said...

The chicken looks delicious
The people look terrifying. Too many. Go away.