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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Cane Cholla


The Cane Cholla grows throughout the desert southwest and is even found in Kansas.  Somehow it wound up in Australia where it is considered a noxious invasive weed.
It can grow quite tall looking like a tree.

The spines like all cholla have those microscopic barbs to them.
Don’t touch!

The cactus makes beautiful magenta colored flowers. (Internet photo)

The flowers leave behind a yellow fruit that will stay on the plant for a year.
The fruit is dry and not tasty although the Native Americans have been known to eat them.
The green spots are called glochids and have very tiny hairs (spines) that if you get in your skin are very painful.  Only way to remove them is using adhesive tape or paste glue onto the affected area, let dry and peel away hoping for the best.  Some cattle do learn to eat them ignoring the pain.

Cane cholla too leaves behind a stiff skeleton when it dies that have elongated slots which are very decorative and are made into canes, hence the name. 


Kathe said...

Everything is pretty much "look, but don't tough" in the desert. These are beautiful in the Spring. Thank you.

Barbara Rogers said...

Nice flowers...I wonder what they would stick you with!