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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Palo Verde


Palo Verde can be anywhere from a small shrub to a full grown tree over thirty feet tall. 
They need water so are usually found near and in water courses.

It is usually leafless for most of the year when water is scarce. 

Leaves and flowers appear in the late spring after rains. (Internet photo)

Which produce seed pods that small rodents and birds eat.
Native Americans also ate the seeds or ground them into a meal.
(Internet photo)

The end of each stem comes to a very hard sharp point.
Must be hazardous harvesting the seed pods.
One time Beans darted into a palo verde bush after a lizard.  She got poked very near her eye.  Scared me something bad so I am now aware of anytime we are around the bushes and lizards are present.

- comment replies -

You got that right Barbara.  That is why I love this lifestyle.  If your neighbor bothers you all you have to do is turn a key and move elsewhere.
Lini, the thought crosses my mind at times oh to live in a world without consequences.  A guy pulled in next to us at that evacuated camp, stayed for an hour.  He left behind a stack of flattened cardboard boxes for soda pop.  Ah...to have the power of God and smite him from the face of the Earth.  ZAP!
Thank you all for your supporting words.  I still will try not to be crotchety.  I don’t like being so.


Barbara Rogers said...

Yikes, not a tree I'd want to see Beans chasing a lizard into either! There used to be a phrase when I was mobile like you...Keep on Truckin' ...and I even saw a great drawing or painting with the people of big feet marching along in big strides.

Kathe said...

Just think of all the smoking little piles of ash there would be if we had that power. I'm sure someone (probably in my family) would have reduced me down to that many times over the years. I think your solution is much better. Put the pedal to the medal and move on down the road. Okay, here's your assignment. Find some one thing to laugh out loud at every single day. Beans will help you there.

Debby said...

When I think of all the people would gladly smite me if they ever had a chance...well, I'm glad that power is not available to mortals.

I am enjoying learning about the plants. Your posts almost always send me off to read more. For instance, the first question I had was how does the palo verde tree survive without leaves for the large part of the year? What about photosynthesis? It was amazing to read that the tree does that through its BARK. It doesn't need leaves! Very cool.