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Monday, February 6, 2023

The Monday Morning Breakup


It was dark Sunday night, I was already in bed when I heard a car pull up outside and doors slamming.  By the time I decided to get up and investigate our new neighbors, the vehicle was pulling away from this spot heading back onto the road away from where you are looking.  Notice the bottles and jug of tea left in the shadow of the bush.

Two people walked around in front of us and proceeded to set up a tent in the dark with the aid of a single flashlight.

In the morning, fortunately I was already up eating my yogurt when the fight began.
The yelling, screaming, swearing was at an intensity I have never heard before.  No doubt it could be heard throughout the entire camp area. This continued on for about an hour.  Besides each telling the other how horrible they are and listing all their faults and short comings the only details I was able to make out among all the F words was that he was hogging the blanket and she was freezing all night and he was complaining that she drank all the dog’s water.
View from bedroom window.

She wanted him gone, out of her life.  Finally he threw the dog out of the tent and went back to yelling, cussing and screaming.  It never got physical except at one point she did push him out the tent door.  Finally he put on his boots, grabbed his guitar and walked off with his dog.
Well that’s over with.

About an hour later he came back.  Oh no, please, I thought we were done.
Well he came back for the few things he owned it seemed.  I guess the tent was hers.  I heard him say the word ‘apology’ but she was having none of it.  He gathered up what few belongings he had, put a saddle bag on the dog and...

...walked off for what I hope was for good.

I went for my walk and returned just before noon.  I let Beans out for a walk and the woman came out from the tent with a blanket wrapped around her naked lily white body.  She had to pee.  I fixed lunch and debated on whether or not to make this post or continue on with our botany classes.  It was then I began hearing her crying in the tent.  I cannot stand to hear a woman cry.  It tears at me.  The crying evolved in uncontrolled wailing and yelling.  Finally she settled down after a few minutes of this sobbing.


I finished the above part of this post just before 1 p.m. when she crawls out from the tent and I see the guy coming back!!  You gotta be kidding me!  They act like nothing happened!

Best I could capturing her and her ugly tattoos scattered over her body.
At the base of her neck on the back were the words ‘evil _ _ _ _’ I couldn’t make it out but pretty sure it was just a four letter word, not five if you know what I am getting at.

He has long hair, a mustache and cleaned shaven.  How does he shave?
She was wearing soft leather Indian moccasins and walked off up the gravel road.

He sat in the doorway of the tent coughing liking a tuberculosis patient.
He was carrying a plastic bag when he returned and had a sugary drink in his hand.
If he brought back food and drink for her she walked off without touching it
I wondered if the poor dog ever got a drink or something to eat.

At 3 p.m. they both return to the tent.  Words were exchanged.
It appears we are in for another round of fighting at some point in time.
Let me know if you want more of this sordid affair in a follow-up post or drop it.

I forgot to mention that two days after moving over to this side of the mountain I once again could hear the electric bass guitar from way over on the other side of the hill at 1:58 a.m.  Amazing.
I want out from here but it is still too cold to the east.

- later -

As I am fixing dinner it dawned on me: they have no stove, no ice chest.  
It will be two degrees above freezing tonight in a Walmart tent.


Judy from Maine said...

Oh continue the saga.

Jackie M said...

My first concern is the dog.
Second concern...don't go near these two. If you ever had a reason to leave a place, this is it.
Please leave a bowl of water for the dog before you go...

Debby said...

You know, I'm with Jackie M on this one. These are people without a pot to piss in, as the old saying goes. I hate to say it but when people get desperate, you can not be sure what they will get up to. They see one old man (not trying to be offensive here) by himself in an enviable situation. You need to put that RV in gear and find another place to be.

Kathe said...

I can't get past the "she drank all the dog's water". I have this vision that the water was in the dog bowl. What an absolutely EXHAUSTING way to live! I hope they never have children! I heard a counselor once say that conflict can be an addiction. Poor dog! I'm with Debby, get far away from those nutjobs.

Ellen D. said...

You need to move, John. That doesn't sound safe to me.

Barbara Rogers said...

As your other readers, earlier in the day, have said...it would be a good idea to mosey on down the trail. What a sad abusive couple they are. And now they've intruded into your life. Like riding a train, but in this case, you can get off...and away!

Damselfly said...

In complete agreement with everyone here. You and Beans need to pull-up stakes and leave the nutjob couple behind.
Stay safe & well.

Vicki said...

I agree with everyone, you should go before they include you in their squabbles. And if it was possible, I'd take the dog to get him out of that crap.

Anonymous said...

OMG! You are spot on. Unfortunately, I am having the pleasure of boondocking about 50 feet from your rig. But not far enough away from them. LoL. I will however be following you from now on since we have now met and are both glad that they have moved on. I hope now since they have left, you'll have a little more peace for you and your adorable cat to
continue with your travels. Good luck and safe travels.