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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Chapeno Road


Chapeno Road is the road I took to go see El Rio RV Park.  On the return trip I stopped along the way to photograph all the vacant houses to show where those thirty-five missing residents of Falcon Heights used to live.  Putting together this post I looked up Chapeno, to get a meaning for the word.  Well surprise.  Chapeno is a census designated place that had a population of 47 back in 2010.  So now I had where most of those forty-seven used to live, for now there appeared to be only a couple-three homes currently being lived in.  I didn’t take pictures of them.

This one looked relative new but was vacant.  It almost looked like no one had ever moved in.

No doubt this had been lived in at one time.

This one was interesting in the fact...

...that it was coming apart.

I wondered what this looked like inside.  
Nothing like those abandoned homes in Ambrose, North Dakota.
They were something special.

Another interesting one.

They were adding on a cinderblock room and just quit, walking away before the roof was attached.

Another cinder block home.

This was my favorite.  I imagined an old couple lived here.

In front they had a rock and cactus garden.

Then one day the surviving spouse was moved to a nursing home,

leaving behind their sea turtle,



and snail.

- comment replies -
“Do you feel safe there?”
Yes, very much so.  It ranks at the among the top of the most carefree places we’ve stayed at.  
Name any big city and I would feel not so safe.

And new follower commented “I came across your blog ‘by accident’ and am enjoying it”
Welcome!  I wish for many more happy accidents.  We sure would enjoy more active followers.  


Cathy said...

I take it building regulations are minimal (non existent) or can you do what you like- also would the house ‘owners’ own the land it’s on

I always find it sad that people just up and leave somewhere - the little green weatherboard is all boarded up so someone must have shares in it

Anonymous said...

Hi John and Beans. I found the "new" house you photographed listed For Sale on Zillow for $90,000. Built in 2020, 750 sqft, on 4 acres.
Sorry, I can't send the link. Here's the listing address: 0 Chapeno Rd, Roma, Texas.
Enjoy your day.
Karla in TN

Debby said...

I think the difference between the 'ghost towns' you found last summer and these houses is nothing more than the weathering of passing time as they continue to hold the contents of their last residents. The longer between what was and what is what makes the difference.

That, and the little signs that the house was once loved, like the turtle and the snail, and the bird....and now the house is empty and forlorn. All these little houses.

Barbara Rogers said...

Definitely a sad neighborhood. The remaining residents probably are hanging on tooth and nail themselves. Glad you have a new follower. Wish you read other folks blogs and commented...this is a conversation that doesn't include all the other bloggers, but it's your choice.

Wendy said...

I also found this blog recently and am very interested. Thank you for taking us along on your travels.

Kathe said...

I'm so glad you feel "at home" on the border. Those were lovely little homes. Hopefully some day folks will move back rather than away. Spring flowers. Always speaks of Hope.