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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Doin’ Laundry


A few days ago we left camp to hit up the nearest Dollar Store.  Ran out of milk.

Across the highway I saw a laundry place.  
Oh gee.  I really should, but I don’t want to.  I’ll have to think on this.

I thought about it for the day and the next day.  I knew I’d feel good about it when done.  
Oh well, what else do I have to do here?  Nothing.
I gathered everything up, mostly cold weather clothing - sweat pants, long sleeve shirts, socks and winter bedding.  The second morning past we went to do laundry.
Big load so I used the big machine.  $3.50
I went back in our home and ate breakfast.  We got an early start hoping to beat other customers there.
It paid off.  Had the place all to myself.

As such, I had no one to ask how to work this dryer.  I put in a quarter, the price didn’t reduce by twenty-five cents like the washing machine did.  I put in another quarter.  Same thing.  A light flashed to select machine.  I pushed every button.  Nothing changed.  I put in the third quarter.  It stuck.  I pushed the coin return.  Got the quarter back.  Pushed more buttons.  Put the quarter back in.  Stuck.  Got it back.  I took all my wet clothes out and put them into the machine next to it.  Put a quarter in.  Select Machine.  Pushed every button.  Nothing.  Grrrr!  I put in another quarter, another quarter, another quarter...stuck.  Got it back.  Quarter number six and the machine came to life.  The $1.50 was replaced by 4:00.  Damn!  $1.50 and you only get four minutes?!!  I set my timer on the phone and went back into the RV.  The timer went off.  I go back inside and the dryer is still turning and now shows 18:00!  Was there a number before that 4 I didn’t see?
The thing is hot.  The clothes are cooking.  I had planned on going back to machine number one for more drying if needed since it had two of my quarters already and lights were still flashing to select machine.  
Guess I won’t be needing to do that now.

This laundry had a table with a plugin near it so I was able to iron two shirts.
You’d be surprised how many laundromats do no have a handy outlet for that purpose.

As I was wrapping up my folding a lady came in with her dirty laundry. She went to use the same washer that I had used.  I told her to use the dryer on the end.  It has two of my quarters in it so it’ll only cost you a dollar now.  She thanked me.  

We went back to camp.  I was right.  It felt good having washed clothing and bedding. 

Oh joy!  We came back.  I find shade.  I sit.


Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for reminding me, I need to do wash today! Those machines are so funny...until you run out of quarters!

Kathe said...

You deserve a good rest. That sounds stressful to me. The older I get, the more I have to fight the feeling it is us against them, and the them seems to be multiplying. I remember my mom saying, "I may be crazy but..." She wasn't. It is getting tougher.
I HATE ironing! Used to have to do it as a kid for a family of 8 and everything was cotton. I'm so old I remember when polyester came out.