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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Dry Boat Ramp


Falcon State Park

After touring the near vacant campground loops I would go see the lake.

The boat ramp to nowhere.

See how all that in the distance should be filled with water.

I had to continue on down these dirt roads to find any water.
You can just see the spillway gates on the dam.

Midway across the dam is the border with Mexico.  That may be the check point to the right.
Will ride over there another day.

That is Mexico in the distance.

Well a look on the satellite view it appears I’d have to deal with U.S. Customs.
Not worth the bother.


Debby said...

The water situation is frightening to me. We've always taken it for granted. We shouldn't. With all the snow in the midwest, I am hopeful that once the storms stop and the melt begins, these places will begin to fill up again. I hope so. If you go back to this place next winter, I hope you take pictures of this 'lake' for comparison.

Kathe said...

Thanks for the pictures of WATER! I'm wondering if a lot of those dry places are there to catch the flash flood waters? Like the cement arroyos we have in the city? Dry one minute and raging the next.

Kathe said...

I googled the drought map for southern Texas. Looks like it's extreme as you noted and a fire burn ban too. It's snowing here again today and lots of rain. I hope it will work its way to Texas.