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Monday, March 27, 2023

El Rio RV Park


While cruising the business district of Falcon Heights I noticed this sign on the corner.

Seemed worth investigating. 

After the two and a half miles I came to the turn-in for the park.

A couple dogs were down the lane waiting.
I turned around.  Dogs like to bark at and chase the motorbike.

Down the road further I turned in onto another road.
I don’t know what someone was once intending on building here but they gave up with it unfinished.

Finally I came to the water’s edge of the mighty Rio Grande River now flowing along at a good clip
having been freed from the confines of the Falcon Dam Reservoir.  Three locals fishing.  Guess they must catch something now and then or why would they come here?

That’s Mexico over there.

Curious as to what I missed because of the dogs I pulled up a satellite image.
I was at that open space at the bottom right looking across the river.
I see now all I had to do was go off to the left to tour the park avoiding the dogs.
I’ll go back.

- comment reply -
The closest opportunity for employment would be Roma, 15 miles to the south.
School children are bussed there.  The schools looked nice too.


Barbara Rogers said...

It's strange to think the kids on the other side of that river go to school where Spanish is the language spoken. What an interesting thing to consider, and I would guess many other borders give that same feeling. I've been too used to my white English privilege to think about that before.

Kathe said...

Surprised how high the river is there. Nice. Looks like lots of fun places the explore. Do you feel safe there?