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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Falcon Heights, Texas


Population 18, down from the 2010 census of 53.

Let’s tour the business district on Highway 83.

First up is what used to be a gas station and convenience store.

Here’s a business opportunity for someone.

Next up a church.
The path, the truth, the life.

Then a couple of residences.

And that was it for the main drag.
Lets go up the other side of the highway.

Must be the town refuse site.

There are no shortage of churches in Falcon Heights.

Notice the two services, one in English and one in Spanish.

The Catholic Church was the nicest looking complete with stained glass windows.

Yep, Falcon Heights has a post office.
I am waiting for two packages.

I was just able to make out the wording on this building.
This was the post office before the new one was built.
To the left I don’t know.

Next down the line was The Falcon Inn.

Next was a building with Nellie’s Beauty Salon and...

Gee, I could walk to this store if it were still in business.
I wonder if they had milk and bags of salad.

It didn’t look like the motel was in operation any longer.

But this one next to it possibly was.

Beyond it stood the last building.  I couldn’t decide what this was.  
The red letters lying on the roof were M, T, E and L.
The O was still standing.

So there you go; that’s Falcon Heights.
Not a single bar either.  Amazing.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Seems like the whole community spends its time in church or the post office - either collecting parcels from Amazon, or praying that they'll arrive on time.

Debby said...

No library? No playground? I had to go read up on this place. Population 6! Seems an awful sad place to live.

Barbara Rogers said...

But many more people come through the campgrounds, which seem to be in very respectable order. Too bad businesses aren't doing any better...is there a nearby town that offers employment in anything?

Kathe said...

People have to live where they have work. Seems like the post office and churches are serving rural areas rather than just the town. Signs of life and death on the same streets. No school isn't a good sign.

Bettina Groh said...

I came across your blog "by accident" and am enjoying it.