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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Happy Valentine Day


Valentine, Texas (pop. estimated 133 despite what the sign states)

Really, I saw not one person or dog.

As with other places along this route, I have been through here twice before.
This is the only change I recognized.

On August 16, 1931 Valentine experienced a 5.8 earthquake, the most powerful ever recorded in Texas.

After ten or so miles of this terrain south of Valentine...

...is this little roadside picnic area.

We stop here every time for it has a special meaning to me.  

It was twelve years ago on my first full cross country trip.  I stopped for lunch.  When I stepped outside the silence and remoteness set in with me.  I felt I really was somewhere, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, for the first time road traveling.  

As I stood there back then, off in the distance came...

...an Amtrak passenger train.  I could see the people inside sitting in the dining car.

I wondered what they thought of seeing a lone man and his motorhome all of a sudden when for the past hour or so this is all they ever had been seeing.

The really strange thing this time around was this:
About a half an hour earlier when I was taking those photos in Valentine, an Amtrak train came roaring through town.  I couldn’t believe it.  This is when in fact I can count on one hand all the times I have seen an Amtrak train in all our many thousands of miles of traveling.

If we had been here a half hour earlier and that train had come by,
I don’t think I could have handled that happening.

I noticed one of those Chinese spy balloons high over head in the sky and thought we best get going on down the highway.

- comment reply -
I have no idea why the drastic reduction in population.  My first thought was it was a typo error.
Also, I haven’t worn high heels in thirty years either. 


Jackie M said...

Once again...Great pictures. My favorite is the last one.
That balloon does make me curious.

Barbara Rogers said...

Well, I was glad you didn't have same place train happening...don't want you to go off all frazzle dazzled. It sure looks empty there.

Kathe said...

You're so funny!
What an incredibly poignant experience! Epiphany comes to mind. When things slide into place. You can almost hear the Click! And we are changed forever. Moving along the surface of this earth and realizing you are Somewhere. I can't imagine the feeling if once again the train went by with people looking out. You would wonder, are those the same people? Did time warp back for a moment?
The town looks like a more desolate version of the ones you traveled through in North Dakota last summer. Only, up there is was green.

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