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Thursday, March 16, 2023

I Am Liking This Place


Falcon County Park, Texas

The entrance.  That is us to the left of the sign.

As I looped around the park during my morning walk the guy who lives in the motorhome pulled up in his car while on “morning patrol”.  He asked how I was doing, etc.  I met Chuck.  I took him to be the self-appointed campground host.  He said he had been coming here for eleven years, with the last three I understood as being here all year around.  He is dealing with a cancer issue and his doctor is nearby, so he stays.  So this is the person I was looking for, one who could answer some questions for me.  I wanted to know how many people come here in December/January.  He thought a moment and said about sixty.  There was still a lot of open space left over.  I can deal with that...I think.  I asked where I could get purified drinking water.  Once he was done promoting the water here to be good for drinking I got out from him a place about a half a mile beyond Dollar General which is four and a half miles down a farm road.  I already knew I could go to Dollar General on the motorbike, so this is good.  

He warned me to stay away from anything growing on the ground that was green.  Large thorns.
I had already picked up one in my sandal that required pliers to remove; so I had been sticking the camp road while walking.

This is the only litter I saw on my walk.  I saw no dog poop.  Chuck assured me both are here.

Chuck also tried to convince me it doesn’t rain here.  “What we had yesterday was rare, the first rain in three months.”  Well the reports say more to come in the next three days I responded.  “Yeah, but it won’t rain here.  It will go around us.”  Okay, we’ll see about that.

More on Falcon Park to come.

-comment replies -

How we would save our spot if we had to leave for the day, and leave we will for the nearest full service grocery store is 15 miles away.  I’ll leave a foldout table and chair with a water bottle sitting on the table.  The motorbike should be off the rack by then so it will be there too.  People don’t mess with people’s stuff.


Barbara Rogers said...

It is really great that there's still a moral code on camp sites...a respect for each other's items. That guy seems like someone who knows the area. Now what is Beans going to do without lizards?

Kathe said...

Nice to have a few trees. Snowing and cold in ABQ. How far are you from Gulf? Do you ever camp looking out on the water? I miss water sooooooo much!

Debby said...

Ah...but the real question? What is the lizard situation? Beans wants to know.

Upriverdavid said...

Sadly, even in National & state parks I've had things walk away. I now tie-chain everything down.
One N.F.S. campground someone had their hitch stolen and had to leave their trailer in the campsite.

Anonymous said...

As you know I love sunflowers for specific reasons.🌻