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Sunday, March 5, 2023

I Love This Machine


My kind of weather!

The Amistad National Recreational Area.
This was the first opportunity to camp in that 221 mile drive from Marfa.
Amistad International Reservoir on the Rio Grande River,
the border with Mexico.

San Pedro Campground.

So this is how you pay to stay.  No online reservation malarky.  You press any button for the machine to wake up.  Follow instructions in the little view window.
Press button B for camping
Press button B to select San Pedro Campground.
Press button B for senior pass rate ($3 instead of $6 - National Park Pass required).  
Press button C ‘ok’ for the ‘1 day’ selection shown or change the number of days.
Insert debit card.
Machine spits out receipt below.
I love this so much that I do it every day selecting ‘1 day’ each time so I have to come back each day and get to do it all over again.
All campgrounds should have this system.  So easy and no extra charges of thievery. 

I talked with a ranger from the Park Service about the machine telling him how much I liked it.  He said they are new and just got them in last year which made me think the Park Service was installing these machines elsewhere in months to come.  He was glad to hear of my liking it and said he’d pass it along.

You all know how I like the old fashion way of putting money in an envelope and dropping it in the pipe, well this is even better in not having to have the right amount of dollar bills on hand plus you don’t have to fill out any information - name, license plate number, state you are from, date of arrival, date of departure.  Yep, I love this way of paying for a campsite.


Barbara Rogers said...

The digital age has come to campgrounds, at least in National Parks! It sure is great for those who carry plastic money. And I guess everyone does these days. I had to download a parking app to park in Columbia SC just to visit the Art Museum. It required lots of info...plate number etc. I do hate typing text on my phone. I've got a tremmor in my fingers now, and hit the wrong keys as much as the right ones.

Debby said...

That made me laugh, the idea that you so love using that machine that you go back every day. Ah, you are a man who enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Strong tea, a good cat, the road winding out ahead of you...and no bs to muck it all up.

Kathe said...

Like playing the slots with a guarantee WIN!!! Hot down there!

Vicki said...

"I love this so much that I do it every day selecting ‘1 day’ each time so I have to come back each day and get to do it all over again."

That's so funny and my kids/grandkids would say that sounds like me. It's the simpliest things that make me the happiest!

Upriverdavid said...

Excellent!...I hope to live long enough for the machines to come to parks I camp at, or will.