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Wednesday, March 1, 2023



Van Horn, Texas (pop. barely over 2000)
The 2020 census showed a decline of 1,941 people in ten years

It is just over an hour’s drive to Van Horn from Fort Hancock, more like two hours the way we drive.
That’s about enough for us these days.  To go any further it is like seventy-five miles to any place to stay.
That’s just how it is in these parts of southwest Texas.
So this stop in Van Horn is usual for us.
A big area for trucks to park behind McDonalds.

We picked the furthest away place which was pretty quiet from highway noise and railroad trains.

And we had a lovely view right out from our dining room window.

The next morning, in no great hurry, we continued our journey southeastward.  
There sitting on a long lonely stretch of Highway 90 is this, all in the middle of nowhere.

I have been here twice before.  I was happy to see it in such fine condition.  The last time in 2014 it had been vandalized, with graffiti spray painted, and the awnings slashed.  Wow, it had been totally repainted, new awnings and new signage.  Even the glass was now clean for the previous times it was dirty and dusty.

Even inside was clean for I recall it being very dusty inside from the windblown Texas dirt.

Now this I did not remember.  I had to go back in the blog to see.

Nope.  The first time the fence was just barbed wire and wood posts.

The second time the fence was there but not one lock.

All of these locks have been left behind by travelers in the last nine years at the most.

I had posted a photo of my dear sweet Sinbad back then.
This was Beans’ first visit to Prada. .
She rolled in the dirt and then wanted back inside.

She rides on my lap also.  Thats why I can’t have two cats.

- comment replies -

Mer, I did not know all that.  Thank you for the information.  I would’t be surprised if I was told that I use only about ten or twenty percent of what iPhone can do.    

Taking shelter.  One time to keep from being blown off the road we pulled into the only place around in the farmland, an wide open Indian casino parking lot.  Best I could do was aim into the wind.  The worst was in Illinois.  All types of debris and items not nailed down was blowing across the roadway sideways as we entered a small town.  The locals kept driving along without any concern.  We took shelter under the covered entryway to a Baptist church.  That was the first time I really thought we were done for.


Barbara Rogers said...

Prada Marfa TX is certainly an unusual art installation. Only in Texas.

Debby said...

That 'Prada Store' is fascinating. It is completely out of its element, out there alone in the desert. I enjoyed reading about it, and while I understand the point of it, I have to say, $120,000 is a lot of money, and there are better ways to spend it. There you have it. One woman's opinion.

Kathe said...

The population decline in 10 years is staggering. I wonder where they went? What is your guess, John? You would know better than most of us who are stationery.
I agree, Debby. I haven't worn high heels in 30 years. ;)

Kathe said...

Beans gives back seat driver a new name. :)

Damselfly said...

Fascinating art installation, and of course I had to "go down a rabbit hole" and read more about it online. https://www.ballroommarfa.org/prada-marfa/
The fence and collection of locks is an interesting visitor-driven addition. Hope the fence & locks remain.
Thank you for sharing these unique "finds" as you & Beans travel!

Re the view from your dining room table... I will never understand why people toss their trash/litter around like this and think it's ok to do so. Disgusting and so very, very saddening.

Stay safe & well.